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Firebrand Spanks Helga

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From Police Comics #7 (February 1942). © Quality Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/25/2010.

While searching for Plastic Man spankings, we chanced across this one instead. A little-remembered superhero called The Firebrand lives up to his name by leaving his fiery brand across the seat of a female gang member. Having just thrown a knife at him, she certainly had it coming. (This is the third example we've seen of a knife-throwing bad girl getting the OTK treatment, the other two having occurred in Buz Sawyer and The Saint #5).

page 10 of police comics #7

To give you a feel for the flow of the story, here is the complete page 10. The story has already reached its climax - the fight with the gang - and there isn't any post-spanking rubbing or other interesting developments past this point. The artwork, by Reed Crandall, is very good with a fine line and solid figure drawing. Crandall later went on to other things for Quality like Blackhawk and Dollman, and also contributed to EC's most brilliant period during the 50's.

cover of police comics #7

© Quality Publications.

Firebrand made his debut in the first issue of the oddly-titled Police Comics, along with Plastic Man, Phantom Lady, The Human Bomb, and several lesser-known characters. Here's the front cover of issue #7 (February 1942). Plastic Man became the most famous of them, displacing Firebrand on the cover beginning with issue #5, although Phantom Lady later achieved a sort of notoriety, becoming emblematic of "headlight comics" (touched on in the discussion of Frontier Romances #1).

Firebrand reminds us a little of the Scarlet Pimpernel, and of course there were other super-hero types in the same mold like Zorro and Batman. But where Zorro made it to the movies and Batman went further to became a cultural icon, Firebrand flamed out with the thirteenth issue of Police Comics. At least he burned long enough to warm one bad girl's behind.

08/26/2011 Update: Here are some better scans (from paper, not microfiche) of the spanking page and panel.

page 10 of police comics #7
firebrand/helga spanking panel from police comics #7

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