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Dixie Dugan Spanking #2

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We have mixed feelings about off-stage spankings. Technically, we refuse to count them as real spankings, and don't put them into the Comics Spanking Data Base. We also always feel somewhat cheated, for although there can be legitimate dramatic reasons for showing us the reactions of people outside the room where the spanking is taking place, there isn't any good reason not to show the spanking itself. Take an extra panel or two, for goodness sake, and show us the spanking! (The same applies to off-camera movie spankings).

This is a father/daughter scene of the type we've encountered before, where the father realizes he should have administered the spanking years ago but goes ahead now that his daughter is grown on the "better late than never" principle. Although we can say it isn't Dixie we see here, we don't know who the characters are, nor can we say what year this was originally published. The father does at least seem serious about applying some real discipline, for he produces a hairbrush - visible if you look carefully at this photostatic reproduction.

dixie dugan father daughter spanking

© McNaught Syndicate Inc. Year of publication unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/01/2011.

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