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Dougie Doufis Inept Spanking Attempt

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dougie doufis spanking

© Scott Saavedra. From the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 05/18/2012.

An inept spanking now from "The Erotic Adventures of Dougie Doufis" which counts officially because two swats with the hairbrush do find their target. Dougie has for once gotten lucky and managed to pick up a drunken girl in a bar who takes him home. Suggesting a "bit of naughty fun," she hands Dougie a hairbrush and kneels on the bed, presenting her behind as a target.

Unfortunately, Dougie is his usual incompetent self when it comes to sexual matters and gives her a tepid swat. "Harder, stupid ... harder!" she encourages him. He then manages to whack her hard enough to knock her clean off the bed, sadly concluding another of his erotic adventures.

This story appeared in One-Fisted Tales #5 (Sept. 1991) published by Slave Labor Graphics. The title, beyond its obvious implication, is an allusion to EC's Kurtzman-edited New Trend war book Two-Fisted Tales. This is another example of a resurgence in spankings that took place in the 1990's among independent comics publishers.

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