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Last time we saw our hero Dr. Bobbs spank spoiled brat Melly Blunt, but that didn't end the story. Let's take it up close to where we left off as the young doctor explains to his uncle what happened. The scans are once again by CSR Chief Strip Researcher Sweetspot.

dr. bobbs january 31, 1949

Dr. Bobbs explains to his Uncle Ben how he came to spank Melly Blunt. From the January 24, 1949 strip. Script by Elliott Caplin and art by Jim McArdle. © King Features Syndicate.

We learn that the whole town has wanted to see Melly get taken down a peg (which spanking does wonderfully wink!), but as we see her at home, it's obvious her attitude hasn't changed a bit, and her father is still spoiling her!

dr. bobbs february 1, 1949

Dr. Bobbs February 1, 1949. © King Features Syndicate.

It takes a couple of weeks in real time for Bobbs to attempt to apologize and try to save his Uncle Ben's house (evidently Jonas Blunt holds the mortgage). But Melly's bad attitude earns her a second spanking at his hands, and right in front of her father, too!

dr. bobbs febrary 16, 1949

The February 16, 1949 strip: Melly definitely did not learn a lesson from her first spanking, so over the knee she goes again. © King Features Syndicate.

dr. bobbs spanking panels

The spanking panel. © King Features Syndicate.

This spanking panel is better composed that the first one was with the spanking center-stage and with decent OTK positioning. Artist Jim McArdle skimps on the details, though, and we don't have a very clear view of Melly's bottom under her shapeless dress. No pain stars, either, but at least Melly emits a nice "Helllp...daddy!!" as Bobbs sets her fanny on fire for the second time. Overall, this isn't a bad scene, but it's not great, either.

In the after-the-spanking panel (below), we see Melly crying on the couch - "Waaah!" as Bobbs continues to argue with her father. But the second spanking has had an effect on Melly that CSR readers will find unsurprising: she finds herself attracted to Bobbs!

dr. bobbs february 17, 1949

After being spanked by him for the second time Melly Blunt finds herself attracted to young Dr. Bobbs in the February 17, 1949 strip. © King Features Syndicate.

We pick up the story almost a week later on Feb. 23. Bobbs is walking along when he gets hit in the head by a snowball thrown by an unseen assailant whom he believes is a boy. A second snowball hits him before he can tackle the assailant, who turns out to be Melly Blunt!

dr. bobbs february 23, 1949

February 23, 1949. © King Features Syndicate.

dr. bobbs february 24, 1949

"Go ahead - spank me!" Dangerous words from Melly Blunt as Dr. Bobbs could very easily have accepted her invitation and given her a third spanking. From the Feb. 24 strip. © King Features Syndicate.

Instead of spanking her as he should have, Bobbs rubs her face in the snow and then they share a quick, impulsive kiss.

dr. bobbs february 26, 1949

February 26, 1949. © King Features Syndicate.

dr. bobbs february 28, 1949

February 28, 1949. © King Features Syndicate.

dr. bobbs march 4, 1949

Melly wonders why she can't stop thinking about Dr. Bobbs after he spanked her twice, not realizing that the spankings are the reason! March 4, 1949. Scans by Sweetspot. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/06/2018. © King Features Syndicate.

Two spankings between the same spanker/spankee so close together in time are rare in comics. Perhaps there are some examples involving children, but no adult spankings of that kind come to mind. We did see Rosetta Blaine spanked twice within minutes (strip time), but by two different spankers. Most important in this example is the sexual attraction that results from a strong man dominating a headstrong female used to getting her own way, a motif we have seen many times (with Phantom / Queen Pera being perhaps the most outstanding example). And it should never be forgotten that the sexual element in adult spanking is as powerful as it is because it's based on domination and submission.

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