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Ella Cinders Spanking #3

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The next spanking in Ella Cinders took place in 1942. Here are CSR Chief Strip Researcher Sweetspot's notes:

"The woman being spanked is Lotta Pill. She is one of Ella's mean step-sisters. The man doing the spanking is Ella's husband or future husband Patches. This is the time in the strip when Ella is making a big break from this part of her "family". Patches and Ella leave after a few more days of being tormented by her step-mother and set-up house in another location. Patches leaves and goes on to become a war hero. Ella joins him in some of his wartime adventures."

ella cinders beginning 03/18/1953 with spanking panel

Ella Cinders, December 18, 1942. Scan by Sweetspot. © United Feature Syndicate

ella cinders date unknown spanking panel

Patches spanks Lotta Pill in Ella Cinders. Scan by Sweetspot. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/04/2018. © United Feature Syndicate

You have to like the dialogue here, taken loosely from the lingo of the U.S. Army Air Corp bomber groups:

"Hey navigator, where are we?"

"Directly over the target, sir!"

"As we left our objective, a large area was burning intensely."

Lotta's "large area" certainly does appear to be burning intensely - a very effective spanking!

The OTK positioning is pretty good, and while Lotta is no sexpot she is a worthy spankee with a "lotta" behind laughing face.

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