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Ella Cinders Spanking #2

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We introduced CSR readers to the Ella Cinders comic strip back in 2012 with an undeserved butt-whacking of Ella herself. But thanks to Andre and CSR Chief Strip Researcher Sweetspot, we can now present three spankings of more-deserving spankees than Ella beginning with this one from 1953.

ella cinders beginning 03/18/1953 with spanking panel

Ella Cinders, March 18 - March 20, 1953. Scan by Andre. Notice that Cathy mentions the "humiliation" of being spanked in public in the follow-up strip.

ella cinders date unknown spanking panel

Cathy gets spanked by her father in Ella Cinders. He's unrepentant the next day, too, and good for him! Scan by Andre. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/27/2018.

The OTK positioning is fairly good, with the only problem being that Cathy is sort of rolling to her left instead of being flat on her father's lap. This position reminded us of something, but we just couldn't remember what it was, nor could we find it when we quickly went through our other comic spankings. Perhaps it's something we've seen but haven't yet posted. Anyway, this is a pretty good paternal spanking, and even without knowing the details it's probably safe to assume that it was well-deserved!

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