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First Love #17

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first love #17 cover

First Love #17 (March 1952). Cover artist unknown, but JVJ, from whose collection these scans were taken, thinks it might be Al Avison, who did the art for the spanking story in Teen-age Brides #1/True Brides Experiences #16. Published by Harvey (click to double-size).

"Can first love be true love?" asks the blurb on the cover of First Love #17 (March 1952). This of course was a question much on the minds of teen-age girls who hadn't yet experienced that first love. Of course, our concern lies more with whether that first love leads to a first spanking! Strangely enough, that question is not answered in this issue, as the spanking does not come from any of the four stories it contains. How is that possible, you ask? Read on...

spanking panel from First Love #17

Here is the spanking panel, which looks out of place when you don't know the context. It's taken from a special feature called "Strange Romantic Customs" (that is, from around the world). Before we make with the explanations, let's just note that the OTK position is only fair and that a switch is being used - probably a first for a spanking in a romance comic.

Reading the caption below tells us that in the Teso tribe, husbands may spank their wives with a stick! Is any of that true? We don't know: there are a Teso people in Kenya and Uganda, but we couldn't find out anything about their spanking habits, if any.

This was a two-page feature, so we pasted the two relevant parts of both pages together into one picture. Below that we have scans of the two individual pages to display the feature in its original format along with two text features, "My Golden Dream" and "Ice-Bound Love".

two-page spanking spread from first love #17
dream book romance #5 holiday heart-throb page 4
dream book romance #5 holiday heart-throb page 4

The complete feature from First Love #17. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/19/2016.

spanking panel from First Love #17 as modified by hugob00m

Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/26/2016.

CSR Resident Artist Hugob00m isn't a big fan of switches, especially when the spankee has to wear it afterward (we agree), so he kindly did his own version, including a new caption.

"Here's a modified version of the spanking that has the man using his bare hand on his woman's bare butt."
Thanks, B00m!

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