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Captain Easy #5 - Oo, How He Spank!

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This is the fifth spanking involving Captain Easy that we're presenting, although probably the second chronologically - we're not sure because we don't have exact dates on any of them (for some more information about the strip, see Captain Easy #4). This one was taken from a reprint of the Sunday strip, which had a different continuity than the daily, and must have taken place between 1937 and 1943 based on the known dates of the reprint (1938) and of Roy Crane leaving the strip (1943). We found an episode of the daily strip from July 1940 in which Helga, our spankee here, appears but that doesn't cast any light on the date of this spanking because as we noted, the daily and Sunday strips had separate continuities. Actually, Ripley over at SpankingPanels has managed to date it more closely at some time between June and November 1937. We discovered this scene independently as part of the Great Golden Age Comic Spanking Search, although SpankingPanels already knew about it and posted it last December.

Let's take a look at the spanking panels in isolation. Crane as usual gives us a nice, vigorous spanking with good OTK positioning and some fine after-the-spanking rubbing - "Oo, how he spank!" marvels Helga. And she's wearing the sexiest outfit available at the time - a one-piece bathing suit (remember the bikini hadn't been invented yet). The spanking is well-motivated, too, as we'll see below, so this is a very fine scene indeed!

captain easy spanking panel from funnies #23

From The Funnies #23 (August 1938). Story and art by Roy Crane. Published by Dell and posted by the Web-Ed on 02/11/2011.

captain easy spanking panel from funnies #23

"Oo, how he spank!"

Now let's see what led up to this well-deserved spanking. We'll look at three complete Sunday pages, as reprinted in The Funnies #23 (August 1938). Prince Hugo seeks Easy's help to regain the throne of Kleptomania, while the evil dictator enlists the aid of spy Helga.

the funnies #23 page 9

The complete page 9. "Get into a bathing suit..."

Helga and her cohorts plot a toned-down version of what in modern intelligence parlance would be termed a "honeypot": no actual sex (remember, this is a 1937 comic strip), but a frame-up intended to coerce the Prince into marrying Helga.

the funnies #23 page 10

The complete page 10. "Meet Prince Hugo, the man I'm going to marry..."

Here comes Easy to the rescue, fighting Helga and her two playmates. He punches out the two men, and when Helga bites his ear and kicks him, it's time for her to get the punishment she deserves! The aftermath couldn't be better, with Helga first trying to rub the sting away and then finding herself attracted to the man who was strong enough to spank her: "Neffer haf anywan spank Helga before! Neffer haf anywan make her heart go boom-boom!"

In summary, all three parts of an excellent scene are here: the set-up (motivation for the spanking), the execution (good positioning and hard smacks), and the aftermath (rubbing or a declaration that the spanking hurt, plus a change in attitude).

the funnies #23 spanking page

The complete page 11. "Neffer haf anywan spank Helga before! Neffer haf anywan make her heart go boom-boom!"

This really has nothing to do with spanking, but it wasn't until we saw this adventure of Captain Easy that we realized there was a modern comic-book character who may have been based on him - Reid Fleming, world's toughest milkman! There isn't much resemblance in the character design, but even though the emphasis was on humor, Fleming was a tough guy who frequently resorted to fisticuffs just as Easy did (no spankings, alas). Below are two portraits for comparison, plus a complete panel from Reid Fleming #7.

captain easy portrait

Captain Easy.

reid fleming #7 portrait

Reid Fleming.

reid fleming #7 classroom scene

From Reid Fleming World's Toughest Milkman #7 (January 1997). © David Boswell.

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