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cover of airboy spanking issue

Airboy Volume 4 #1 (May 1947). Cover art by Simon & Kirby. © Hillman Periodicals Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/04/2011.

Although we don't have the sales figures, we think that Airboy was Hillman Periodicals' most-successfule title. Piloting was regarded as an especially glamorous line of work in the first half-century of aviation, and the comics reflected that as we have seen, for example, in Zack Mosely's Smilin' Jack.

Airboy (David Nelson) was a teen-age aviator who fought alongside the Allies (without actually joining the armed forces) in World War II. Airboy and his unique plane, Birdie, lasted until Hillman gave up the publishing game in 1953 during the era that comics sales were in decline. With the majority of his stories available to us, this is still the only Airboy spanking we have found.

airboy #4 page 2

Needing a rest, Airboy flies to South Africa to see a couple of friends. Hank tells him that Rocky is acting differently, and Airboy assumes that the climate has gotten to him.

airboy #4 page 4

However, Rocky's problem isn't the climate, it's his infatuation with a girl named Rita, who gives him the brush-off: "Hands off, Lug-head!"

airboy #4 page 7

That night, someone takes off in Rocky's plane and heads for the guarded beach where all the diamonds are. Airboy wakes up and follows, assuming it's Rocky.

airboy #4 page 8

When the pilot tries to shoot Airboy down and fails, he realizes it couldn't have been Rocky and confronts Rita's parter in crime.

airboy #4 page 12

The complete page 12.

They go to apprehend Rita, but she's waiting for them with a tommy-gun - she's a very bad girl! Airboy manages to disarm her, and then it's time to mete out the punishment she deserves...

airboy #4 page 12

The complete page 13, with two spanking panels. "I should have done this a long time ago!" Classic words that were never more true.

The scales lifted from his eyes at last, Rocky binds her wrists and gives her 20 spanks - one for each year in prison he expects her to receive. That's what we call "hard time"!

airboy #4 spanking panel 1

Let's take a closer look at the spanking, which has several unusual features. First, Rocky ties Rita's wrists behind her. We'll just note that if you're going to bind the spankee's wrists, they should be in front of the body so she's not too uncomfortable when being turned OTK or bent over.

Second, Rocky gives her a definite number of spanks! While this is common in disciplinary scenes, especially when an implement such as the paddle or cane is used, this is the only time we can think of that it was done in a comic-book.

airboy #4 spanking panel 2

Third, Rocky spanks her using both hands, first left, then right! Of course, this is a compositional error, but one we don't often see because this is one of the very few times the spanking extends over more than one panel - good storytelling that makes up for the compositional problem. Nice view of the target in this panel.

Finally, this is a strict punishment-only spanking without romantic overtones (despite Rocky's previous infatuation) of a true female reprobate. The only other examples in comic-books we can think of are The Saint #5, Firebrand Spanks Helga, and The Spirit spanks Diana the Huntress. Stan spanks Doris in Judy of the Jungle has a similar feel, but in these other four cases the spankee tried to kill the spanker (which certainly justifies the punishment), and while Doris is selfish and useless, she didn't go quite so far as to actually try to murder Stan.

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