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green hornet #36 spanking panel

Wetmoss Wentworth spanks his daughter Eloise, from Green Hornet #36 (October-November 1947). Published by Harvey Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/28/2011.

Now for the second of the two M/F spankings from Green Hornet, this time in the Calamity Jane strip (the first was Winnie the Waitress). This is a rather odd title for a female private eye series, since most people would associate the name "Calamity Jane" with westerns. It's not Calamity Jane herself who gets spanked, but rather spoiled heiress Eloise Wentworth. We don't waste our time envying the wealthy, but neither do we mind seeing the high-born and well-to-do taken down a peg, provided they deserve it based on their behavior rather than their social standing, as Eloise certainly does here. As her father says, "This is something I should have done a long while ago - and often, too!"

Bill Plaut appears in the story himself as the artist the tale was told to, so presumably he wrote the script as well. We don't know if he ever did any other spankings, but with two others already known in Green Hornet and the possibility of more, we have to wonder if he might have had a "hand" in them.

We discovered this book during our Great Golden Age Comic Spanking Search, although we now realize it had been known earlier to and The plot isn't interesting enough to delve into, but to provide some context for the spanking the complete page is reproduced below.

green hornet #36 spanking panel

green hornet #36 spanking panel

Another version of the spanking panel. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/25/2016 (click to increase in size).

Here is another version that turned up last year. We do not know who did the scans, but we're grateful to him.

The composition is a little crowded - this was a common problem with comics spanking panels, as the artist (or layout man, if it was a different person) often failed to recognize the great interest a spanking panel holds, which means it deserves a large size so the reader can lavish a lot of attention on it. Plaut at least did make it more than 1/6 of a page here.

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