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From Quality Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/06/2010.

Kid Eternity was a rather unusual super-hero - he had the power to call up any person from the dead and secure his assistance. Famous figures from history were usually chosen, although we don't think we'd describe his tales as primarily educational. It always seemed to us that the dramatic weakness in his adventures was that Kid Eternity literally had to call on others to do his fighting for him (sometimes he would get into a fistfight himself), which always kept him somewhat removed from the action. Despite this, the Kid was quite popular, quickly taking over as the lead feature in Hit Comics, eventually getting his own book, and later being reprinted probably more often than any other Quality super-hero after Quality was bought out by DC.

Having gone through the majority of his adventures, we've found only one spanking, from Hit Comics #27 (April, 1943). It's actually an uncommon double-spanking, like the well-known one from Smilin' Jack. [We know of only one triple-spanking, in Batman #137, and one quadruple spanking(!), coincidentally found in Kid Eternity #12 in a back-up feature called Jasper Dewgood (see the Comics Spanking Data Base for more information)].

Now let's meet our unlikely cast of characters:

kid eternity

Kid Eternity

her highness

Her Highness



The diminutive female gang-leader known as "Her Highness" (what she's supposed to be the princess of is not clear) wears men's clothing. She's sort of a cross between Ma Parker (from real life) and Aunt Minerva (from Captain Marvel), although we think Minerva came later. Higness is shown leading several gang members here, but in the future when she actually became a supporting feature in her own right, her "gang" was reduced to just herself and Silk.

Silk (no last name given) was apparently there for sex appeal. Her gimmick is that she's quick to use her fists, often belting male characters around.

As the story proceeded, Kid Eternity confronted the criminal gang, only to be worked over by a big guy named "Hoiman". To even up the odds, the Kid calls up the bliblical strong-man, Samson, who knocks out Hoiman. But we can't have a strong man punching a woman, so what can we do?

kid eternity spanking panel

Bad girls get spanked by Samson!

We've seen this situation before - the hero clobbers the male bad guys, but can't hit a female, so he does the only thing he can - administer a good spanking! Samson sagely observes, "This always sets people straight in the end!" We wish, though, that this well-deserved double-spanking had been replaced by two single spankings so we could savor each one, especially Silk's. One big problem with double-spanking is that the OTK positioning becomes less than ideal, as we see here.

As we mentioned above, Her Highness and Silk went on to have their own feature, but they were never spanked again as far as we know. This was too bad, because they continued to deserve corporal punishment, and Silk was drawn even more sexily as time went by.

The artwork here is by Ruben Moreira. We don't know much about him, but in looking at his work we wonder if he could have been an influence on Steve Ditko.

08/26/2011 Update: Here is a better scan (paper instead of microfiche) from the fabulous collection of JVJ. Click to increase in size.

kid eternity spanking panel

Bad girls get spanked by Samson!

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