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spanking panel from intimate confessions #7

Intimate Confessions #7 (Web-Ed's collection). © Avon (under the Realistic imprint). Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/21/2011.

Let's continue our current survey of Romance Comic spankings with another item that we'd known about for a long time but were only able to pick up this year: Intimate Confessions #7 (August, 1952). The OTK positioning is well done considering that the spanking takes place on a couch. If you've ever tried this position, you know that a couch provides the spankee with plenty of support, but because there is little bending at the waist the bottom isn't turned up far enough for our liking.

The scans are all from our personal collection except where noted. The artist and writer are both unknown.

It isn't hard to figure out what led up to the spanking: on the splash page, a caption blares, "She wanted her sister's boyfriend, and when her sister married, she still wanted him! She was --- Far From Innocent." So we learn right away that Connie is a scheming little minx, and for attempted husband-stealing there can be only one punishment!

cover of intimate confessions #7

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spanking panel from intimate confessions #7

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spanking page from intimate confessions #7

© Avon. Connie receives her just desserts in the spanking page from Intimate Confessions #7. She winds up with Pete Madden, by the way - Dick didn't tell Pete what had happened, and Connie informs us that "I had grown up" and plans to confess all to Pete. What the story didn't say, but should have, is that the spanking is what imparted some maturity, not to mention some much-needed sting, to Connie. Once again, the central problem in a romance story is solved by a spanking - hooray!

spanking panel from intimate confessions #7

Another version of the spanking panel.

Here is another version of the spanking panel that we found floating around the net some time ago. It was unidentified, both as to source and to content, so we don't know whom to credit. Sometimes the possessors of spanking comics seem a little too reticent for either their good or ours. They deserve credit for their discoveries, and at the same time, we deserve to know the publication details of any comic-book spankings they choose to post on the net. It took us some time to identify this panel as originating from Intimate Confessions #7.

Although she's kicking a little, Connie's facial expression indicates that she accepts her punishment as just. In doing so, she's finally begun to accept responsibility for her actions and is on the road to maturity at last. Taking into account motivation, positioning, panel size, and the positive outcome, this is a good example of Golden Age romance comic spanking.

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