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spanking panel from my secret romance comic

Believed to be from My Secret #1, 2, or 3 (1949) and published in Canada by Superior Publishers Limited. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/04/2011.

We conclude our current survey of Romance Comic spankings with an item we first saw over on Richard Windsor. Richard didn't have the publication details, but we strongly suspect this is a Canadian reprint of an (American) Fox Publication that was then imported to England (got all that?). We think it was originally published by Fox as My Secret Affair, My Secret Life, or My Secret Story earlier that same year (1949). (Evidently Fox thought that romance titles with the word "Secret" in them would appeal to young and impressionable girls).

Anyway, it's a very fine scene in which Mary's bratty behavior earns her a trip across Randy's knee. The OTK positioning is good with the angle between torso and legs a little over 90 degrees (90 or less is better), and we get to enjoy the expression on her face as her dignity is outraged. We find her protests unconvincing, however, because her body language (arms relaxed and legs apart) suggests that on some subconcious level she knows she deserves to be spanked and willingly yields her bottom to this punishment.

Here is the complete page. Mary overreacts to Randy's unwise criticism of her lipstick, slapping him across the face. "Now you've got another lesson coming!" declares the cowhand. Of interest is the post-spanking panel, in which Mary lies quietly while turning the events over in her mind: "How dared he? Ohh, the brute!" She's unaware of how much she cares for him, or that on some level she liked being spanked.

spanking page from my secret

The complete page, scanner unknown.

02/20/2014 Update: We have some better scans now to look at, after which we'll return to the publication details. First, let's see the splash page from what turned out to be the book's lead feature, "I Tried to Tame a Texan" - a singularly inapt title, as it should have been something like "I Got Tamed by a Texan"!

splash page from our secret #4

The splash page from "I Tried to Tame a Texan" - we see that Mary Roper has been spoiled by her stay at an Eastern finishing school.

page 3 from our secret #4

Page three of our story features some questionable psychology as Mary all of a sudden decides to leave both her father and Randy Hilton, to whom she had been engaged before she went East. Randy, however, has followed her out onto the Mesa.

spanking page from our secret #4

The spanking page. The writer interrupts the flow here - either Mary should have resisted Randy from the beginning, which could still have resulted in a spanking, or else she should have rediscovered her feelings for him when he kissed her. Instead we have a pointless diversion in which he criticizes her for using too much lipstick, perhaps to kill time and take up space in this nine-page story, which could probably have been shortened to seven pages without losing anything. At least we do have Mary's well-deserved spanking after she slaps him!

spanking panel from my secret romance comic

The cover of Our Secret #4 (November 1949). Published in Canada by Superior Publishers Limited.

Now let's clarify what we've been looking at: this is definitely another version of the same comic we had seen before (from Richard Windsor). We were right about it being a Canadian book - it's Our Secret #4 (November 1949) published by Superior Comics of Toronto, and we still believe it's a reprint of a Fox title although the Grand Comics Data Base marks it as an original series. Information about both Fox and Superior is sketchy even now. Two things are known: with this issue, Superior changed the book's title to Our Secret from My Secret, which we think supports our theory, and the GCDB now agrees with us that Superior reprinted some other Fox stories.

We suspect that Fox material was also reprinted by Star, another mysterious publisher in the '50's, raising the interesting possibility that this spanking could have appeared a third time! Now, that's a bit of a leap since at the moment we can't even prove it was printed twice, but if so you heard it here first. We'll keep on investigating and let everyone know if we find out anything more.

spanking panel from our secret #4

The spanking panel. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/20/2014.

Here's the improved version of the spanking panel for our delectation. We still like the OTK positioning, although the artist had a peculiar way of conveying the stinging impact, using soft, open-ended lines instead of sharp, jagged ones (cf. Batman spanks Marcia Monroe). Nothing is yet known about the identity of the artists.

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