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Thunder(ous) Jungle Spanking

As we've mentioned, Fiction House Publications put out a lot of jungle-themed comics, and in the fifth newly-discovered spanking in our series we return for the third time to their Jungle Comics. This is issue #119 (November 1949), and Kaanga is still headlining the book, but it's Captain Terry Thunder who gives the spanking this time. The creative personnel are as usual unidentified.

Although no African country is specified, the setting looks a lot like Morocco, with Capt. Thunder in command of a French Foreign Legion-type of outpost called Fort Diablo. As our story opens, we meet Miss Carter, who has inherited a mine from her father and must contend with the resignation of her foreman.

splash page of terry thunder from jungle comics #119

Splash page of Terry Thunder from Jungle Comics #119 (November 1949). Published by Fiction House. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/03/2010.

Miss Carter wants to go to her mine to investigate the problems, but Terry isn't about to let her take unnecessary risks, so she sets about planning to go there despite his objections. Next thing you know, a fire breaks out and Terry takes to the air in a helicopter to extinguish the flames:

jungle comics #119 terry thunder page 28

jungle comics #119 terry thunder page 29

Miss Carter has stowed away in the helicopter and hijacks Terry, forcing him to fly her to the mine.

jungle comics #119 terry thunder page 31

The bad guys at the mine use a catapult to hurl rocks at the helicopter, injuring Terry. "He's unconscious, and it's all my fault!" admits Miss Carter. Contrition is a good thing, my dear, but punishment is better, and yours will not be long in coming!

Terry drives off the superstitious hirelings by using the helicopter's public address system and swings down on a ladder knocking out bad guy Devil-Face, who's revealed to be the foreman, Kendricks. Then it's time for Miss Carter to face the music - after all, her misdeeds include arson, hijacking, and taking reckless chances with both her life and Terry's. "I hope you're not mad at me, Captain Thunder," she says apologetically.

And then it's the pay-off: turning her over his knee, Terry replies, "Of course I'm not angry, Miss Carter - this is going to be fun, I assure you!"

jungle comics #119 terry thunder page 32

jungle comics #119 terry thunder spanking panel

"Oh, you brute! Please!" she begs, but it's not going to do her any good as Terry produces a paddle and prepares to apply it where it will do her the most good, while faithful Keeto looks on the scene, smiling.

This is an excellent spanking panel with good OTK positioning, determined spanker, worried spankee, and wild-looking paddle! This paddle isn't well-shaped - length should always be considerably greater than width - but we'll take it because when a paddle is used, you know the spanker means business! And it's so cool to have a spanker say, "This is going to be fun!" We'd certainly enjoy it if we were in Terry's place!

01/13/2012 Update: When we posted this over a year ago, it was the only known spanking from Captain Terry Thunder. We now know there had been an earlier spanking scene in Jungle Comics #6.

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