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Spanking From Just Married #94

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spanking now known to be from just married #94

Here we see another example of the kind of spanking that showed up occasionally in Romance comics aimed at girls. Notice the change in attitude, from resistance ("Don't you dare!") to acceptance ("Ohh darling, not so hard!"). We hate to admit it, but we don't know the when or where this comic first appeared. Romance comics had their heyday in the 50's, but from the style (we think we recognize the artist) we suspect it was published by Charlton somewhere between 1968 - 1978.

Comics have freqently been seen as having a pernicious effect on young people, but examples like this one are positively salutary in our view, demonstrating the proper role of the sexes with the concerned husband very much in control. We might hope that teenage girls reading this comic would learn to treat their future husbands with proper respect, and to accept caring discipline as part of married life.

Just Married #94 cover

The cover from Just Married #94 (May 1973), published by Charlton. Pencils by A. Martinez and inks by J. Zuniga. (Click to double-size).

02/12/2016 Update: We have now identified this spanking as coming from Just Married #94 (May 1973). Not to crow excessively, but we have left our original description in place above so that everyone can see we were right on the money: it was published by Charlton exactly half-way between the years we suggested, 1968 and 1978, in 1973. The spanking scene was not in the cover story, "Too Many In-Laws," but from another story in this issue, "Tears in Paradise" - and a few tears there were after a bottom got spanked!

It is apparent that cover artists A. Martinez and J. Zuniga did not do the art for "Tears in Paradise," but it is interesting to note that the apparent lack of detail on this cover - generally not a good thing in our view - is due to the fact that it was taken from an interior panel of the two-part David and Eileen story "Too Many In-Laws" and then blown up to fill the cover space! Getting each issue out on time was always a problem with comics, and as we see here either a deadline or a very strong desire to save money must have been the reason for this shortcut to be taken.

Just Married #94 splash page

We actually don't have the entire story here, but the outline is fairly clear: for some reason Diane doubts the love of her husband Chuck, giving Edgar (the red-headed guy) the opportunity to try to make some time with her. Chuck wisely solves the problem the old-fashioned way, by taking Diane over his knee! Afterward, Diane ruefully rubs her bottom and refers to not sitting down for awhile, rare in romance comics spankings but certainly welcome here. The scene ends with the couple embracing, making it one of the more romantic spankings in romance comics.

Just Married #94 spanking page

The entire spanking page. Notice Diane's line: "I think I'll sit...I mean, stand around awhile!" There's something familiar to us about the inking, but we still haven't figured out who it was, or if there was a separate penciller. No one knows, although one guess is that it's Normal Nodel. The job number is right there on the first page, but we can't look it up anywhere since we don't know what happened to Charlton's business records after the company ceased publishing in 1984.

Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/12/2016.

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