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Lady Death Spanks Pariah

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Lady Death is one of those modern comics characters we had never paid any attention to - until we found this spanking panel. Created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes, she made her debut in Evil Ernie #1 (December 1991), the kind of comic we scrupulously avoided at that time. Death-figures have a tendency to be excessively morbid, and we regard the interest shown in them by young people over the last twenty-five years or so to be extremely unhealthy. And even pushing those considerations aside, as a personnification of death, Lady Death is considerably less interesting than, say, Hela was in the 1960's Lee/Kirby Thor. And when you graft on a skimpy bikini costume - does anyone really think that's what the ruler of Hell would wear? - just to arouse the prurient interests of adolescent fanboys, you've given up what little claim to artistic seriousness you might ever have had.

However, we're more concerned with spanking merit than artistic merit here. The OTK positioning is very good for displaying Pariah's shapely, slowly-reddening bottom, although in actual practice Pariah's hips being so far back (that is, to Lady Death's right) would tend to make her fall off L.D.'s lap. Nicely done are L.D.'s expression of satisfaction and Pariah's tearful repentance as the spanking does its work - "I'm sorry, Lady Death. I'm sorry!"

We'll just bet you are, Pariah - heh, heh! This is certainly one of the best F/F spankings to appear in comics during the modern era (1986 - present). Still, we'd like to see Lady Death herself taken down a peg by being spanked over the knee of a male hero. That's always how we react to F/F pairings - we want to establish our dominance over the "dominant" female by spanking her directly ourselves or vicariously through a male character.

lady death the wicked

Lady Death: The Wicked (October 2005). © Avatar Press Inc.

lady death takes pariah otk

Lady Death spanks bad girl Pariah. Story by Brian Pulido and art by Richard Ortiz. © Avatar Press Inc. Click to increase in size

We had some trouble at first determining what the original source for this panel was - we got it from Look's post on The Artastic Forum before it went down, but someone else apparently posted it on Comic Vine. We suspected it must have come from one of the volumes of Lady Death: The Wicked because we know the spankee, Pariah, appeared there, but couldn't confirm that until we tracked down a copy some weeks after we first posted this page. The research for this one didn't go easily, but we suppose that's just an occupational hazard.

pariah after her spanking

Pariah examines her now-reddened bottom after the spanking. © Avatar Press Inc. Click to increase in size

Here's a nice follow-up panel which shows Pariah contemplating her red and sore bottom! Good follow-ups like this are rare in comics, so it's a welcome sight here. "Pariah shall return!" the caption informs us. We hope that she will, and that she'll get the same treatment a second time! Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/08/2012.

pariah the wicked bad girl

07/27/2012 Update: We're now able to fill in a few details we didn't have earlier. Eva (Pariah) is part of a family of powerful magicians. Her parents do not permit her to use her magic in the house, but she has disobeyed and put Lady Death to sleep with a potent spell. While LD is asleep, Eva basically tortures her with a series of violent trials by monster which we won't show here because they don't contribute much to our understanding of the plot.

At left, Eva's father dissolves the magic "lock" that Eva has placed on her bedroom door.

"Eva, you've been a very, very bad girl!"

Those words should make every red-blooded spanko's hair stand on end in anticipation!

lady death confronts pariah, exposes bare bottom

The outmatched Lady Death has been fighting valiantly, at one point realizing that she's been asleep and trying to wake herself up. Eva now threatens to put her to sleep forever. This dialogue isn't really that important, and the real reason we've added these panels is so you can see that Lady Death normally went around waving her bare bottom in the air! We've remarked before on the fact that we tend to see Lady Death in the role of spankee, and you've got to admit she certainly dresses for the part.

In the second panel, with the evil toys closing in on her from the back, we'd advise Lady Death to assume some position other than kneeling on the floor with her knees wide apart and behind raised high.

Eva's parents arrive and free Lady Death from the spell. LD suggests that Eva should be punished, and whispers her preferred method to Eva's father. He gives her the go ahead: "Let's get on with it." Lady Death towers over Eva in the panel just before the actual spanking - excellent!

pariah the wicked bad girl needs to be spanked

One spanking coming right up (and bottom up, too)!

Some of you may have noticed the similarity of this plot to "The Squire of Gothos" from the original Star Trek TV series, in which Trelayne, who appears to be some kind of super-being, torments the Enterprise crew until his parents shut him down. We might also point out that attacking the hero through his dreams while he sleeps is a plot that goes back at least to the old Dr. Strange villain Nightmare.

One other observation: Eva and her family are located for the purposes of this story in 1880's England, and since the birch and the cane were in frequent use, it would have been entirely appropriate for Eva to have received one of these implements. If I ever script a "Return of Pariah" story, expect a "six of the best" conclusion!

For more on Lady Death spankings, including links to scenes with LD on the receiving end, see the CSR Feedback Forum where Wolfie helped us out and where there was a lot of further discussion after this page first appeared.

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