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Little Al Gives A Big Spanking

little al spanking panel

Artist unknown, embellishment by Spiritworks. © Ziff-Davis Comics Group. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/27/2010.

Here we have a little gem from Little Al of the Secret Service #10 (July 1951), previously unknown until it was discovered, like several other comic-book spankings, by Spiritworks Studio.

"The Case of the Arrogant Heiress" is quite a fine example of comic-book spanking, so good in fact that the Spirit based three more pieces on it. It has a nice build-up with a spoiled heiress, good OTK positioning for the spanking itself, and good pacing with the scene extended through several panels, long enough for us to see her attitude go from defiance to compliance!

little al of the secret service

© Ziff-Davis Comics Group

little al of the secret service

© Ziff-Davis Comics Group

little al of the secret service

© Ziff-Davis Comics Group

Her father observes, "Perhaps the young man has the right idea" and promises that "When he's through teaching her, a post-graduate course will be in order!" A promise of future spankings thus rounds off this fine example of the brat's comeuppance. The only thing we'd change is Little Al's nickname - though he's shown he can give a big spanking, he's likely to hear quite a few jokes from the boys down at the department about why he's called "Little" Al.

12/11/2015 Update: With scans from a different source than Spiritworks now being available, we thought it would be a good idea to look at this issue's cover and of course the entire spanking page. Interestingly, the cover appears fully-painted, something that was certainly not common at the time. We would probably never have been able to figure out who the painter was, but a few years ago David Saunders, the son of Norman Saunders, confirmed it had been his father's work. Unfortunately, we still have no idea whom to credit with the interior art that of course included the spanking.

little al of the secret service #10 cover

Fully-painted cover from Little Al of the Secret Service #10 (July 1951; click to double-size). Art by Norman Saunders. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/11/2015.

The plot is simple: wealthy Mr. Velvebilt has been receiving letters threating to kidnap his daughter Yvonne, who stubbornly insists on going out and having fun despite the threat. Naturally, she gets kidnapped, and Little Al is assigned the case. He tracks the kidnappers to their hideout and tries to rescue Yvonne, but her unreasonable demands ruin his escape plan and they're captured. Little Al manages to fight his way free, beats up the hoods, and finally delivers the ungrateful Yvonne back to her parents. Was there ever a spoiled heiress who deserved a good spanking more?

little al of the secret service #10 spanking page

The full spanking page - Yvonne has been a perfect brat since the beginning of the story, and she's not letting up now, so over the knee she goes! Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/11/2015 (click to double-size).

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