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Lois Lane Spanks Super-Tot #5

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lois lane #39 cover

More domestic violence from DC on the cover of Lois Lane #39. Art by Kurt Schaffenberger.   © DC Comics Inc.

Four times Lois has tried to spank a super-tot, and four times she's failed miserably (and deservedly). Has she learned anything? No! For once again, in Lois Lane #39 (February 1963), Lois decides that corporal punishment is the way to go, and once again she only hurts herself. The story, "The Girl Who Hated Superman", is another "imaginary" tale, and quite a ridiculous one, too. It seems that Superman's old enemy, Circe, decides to get back at him by painting pictures of various women in his life with a magic spell added that causes anything that happens to the painting to also happen to the person. We never liked the introduction of magic into a story, and thought it was particularly out of place in the Superman Family titles which should have followed more in the science-fiction tradition.

After their super-son Larry rips open the safe and vandalizes the pictures, Lois blows her stack, thinking that Superman is keeping the pictures because he still cares about the women, and then stupidly tries to spank Larry. Supes wins no brilliancy prizes here either, since he should have known that Larry can tear open any safe, and he could have hidden the pictures somewhere neither Lois nor Larry would find them. He also fails to remind Lois not to try to spank Larry, even though the scene is unfolding right in front of him while he busies himself touching up the paintings!

We're going to take the "credit" for discovering this one, which has never appeared on the web before as far as we know. We'd much rather it were a Superman/Supergirl spanking, which is what we were searching for (The Holy Grail) when we found this instead.

lois tries to spank son larry

Undeterred by four previous failed attempts to spank a super-tot, Lois tries for the fifth time, with predictable results. From the Web-Ed's collection; art by Kurt Schaffenberger, writer unknown.   © DC Comics Inc. Posted on 07/08/2011.

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