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Lois Lane Spanks Super-Tot #6 and #7

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Here we see why Marvel Comics was eventually bound to overtake their rival DC. It wasn't enough for DC to weary us with yet another Superbaby story (there were a whole mess of them during the 50's and 60's in the two books featuring tales of Superman's youth, Superboy and Adventure). It wasn't enough for them to give us some lame-o plot about an experiment supposedly turning Superman into Super-Tot (it's really a Super-Tot from a different dimension) - no, no.
Lois Lane tries to spank Superbaby and hurts her hand

Cover of Lois Lane #57 (May 1965). Art by Kurt Schaffenberger. © DC Comics Inc. (Click to increase in size).

While Marvel was giving its readers the most dynamic stories and artwork around, DC was giving their readers this portrait of psychological maladjustment masquerading as the cover of a comic book. Now it was bad enough to have Lana Lang try to use both a hairbrush and a tennis racquet (!) on the boy - maybe, just maybe we could let that slide, as the product of her upbringing (see elsewhere in the comics the scene from Superboy #93 where Lana is very nearly spanked with a hairbrush by her father) - but Lois is taking out her frustration with the adult Superman on an innocent boy, which is plainly wrong and would constitute child abuse if this particular child weren't invulnerable. Luckily for Lois and Lana, no one called the Department of Family Services on them. And while Lana once again escapes any punishment for her misdeeds, at least Lois gets what she deserves - first a sore hand here, and then (in our next comics image) a sore something-else...

07/15/2011 Update: We now know that this was the sixth time(!) Lois attempted to spank a super-tot. We decided to upgrade the cover scan and also obtained our own copy of the book (see interior scan below). Script by Leo Dorfman with the art credited to John Forte and Sheldon Moldoff. It's hard to be sure exactly how the art was broken down, however - while we believe it was basically Forte's pencils and Moldoff's inks, editor Mort Weisinger may have instructed Moldoff to alter Lois' features from Forte's original pencils. In the panels below, particularly the second one, Lana's face is drawn very clearly in Forte's style which we recognize from his long run on Adventure Comics, while Lois' face is not. Weisinger sometimes did things like that for whatever reason, but since this isn't a M/F scene we won't spend any more time worrying about it.

Lois Lane tries to spank Superbaby and hurts her hand

"Owww! My hand!" How many times have we read those words? Writer Leo Dorfman seems to have read too much Otto Binder. Pencils by John Forte, inks by Sheldon Moldoff (but see commentary above). © DC Comics Inc.

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