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Loony Lois Lane Lashes

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We have now arrived at what must have been the most bizarrely twisted scene ever to appear in a mainstream comic book - and this was in 1967! "Kinky" doesn't even begin to describe what we see here on the cover of Lois Lane #73 (art by Kurt Schaffenberger, who as we've explained elsewhere is not to be held responsible for the content).

Lois Lane flogs puppet of Superman

Lois Lane #73 (April 1967), © DC Comics Inc.

Where do we begin? We have
  1. Lois Lane has fastened Superman to a table with kryptonite shackles, which means she's into bondage, and
  2. She's got another guy there, also in shackles (should this be called double bondage?), so she likes threesomes, and
  3. This other guy is a puppet, which is such a weird fetish there probably isn't even a name for it;
  4. She's also a sadist (wielding a 6-tailed cat), and
  5. The puppet is grinning while Lois flogs him, adding the flavor of masochism to this unsavory brew;
  6. Neither Supes nor his bad-boy puppet could possibly feel the lash anyway, which means Lois is just plain nuts!

What on earth was DC thinking when they published this? And how the hell did they get it past the Comics Code Authority? (Check it out - there's the Code's seal of approval in the upper right-hand corner!).

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