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Lover' Lane #29

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cover of lovers lane #29

Lovers Lane #29 (October 1952). Published by Lev Gleason. From the JVJ collection; scans by Rangerhouse, edits by Movielover. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/28/2014 (click to increase in size).

We discovered this one while searching through digital scans of some of the fabulous comic collection of JVJ. As it has both a spanking which has never been seen on the web before as well as two rather interesting missed opportunities, we're going to present all seven pages of the story here.

That story is called "My Love Affair with a Bombshell," and as the title indicates, it is told by the male, not the female. This was rather out of the ordinary as the stories in romance comics were usually narrated by the female lead to promote a strong sense of reader identification, most of the readers of course being girls. We can't help but observe that the boyfriend-as-narrator was also used in Daring Love #17, where the narrator turned spanker when the occasion demanded it. Perhaps using a male narrator tempted the writer to release his dominant streak, if he had one. Speaking of the writer, he's uncredited as was so often the case, while the artist had the good sense to sign his work - Frank Bolle.

When we meet our spankee-to-be Annie Laurence at an exclusive beach resort, we see that she's somewhat spoiled (in that respect she resembles Linda from Teen-Age Romances #3). Indeed, the splash panel gives us some hope that she'll resemble Linda in another way - by getting spanked in her swim suit! Alas, that does not take place, as we'll see momentarily.

bombshell page 1

Our Dramatis Personae: the spoiled Annie Laurence, her effete boy-toy Art, and our hero, Clint. Art by Frank Bolle.

At a swimming raft, Annie continues her snobbish ways, trying to use the faithful (but not too bright) Art to throw Clint off the raft.
bombshell page 2

Clint knocks Art off the raft, then turns his attention to Annie. She already deserves a good spanking, and Clint says he's tempted, but instead of warming her seat, he throws her off the raft, too!

bombshell page 3

For some inexplicable reason, Clint seems attracted to Annie (o.k., she does look cute in her bikini), and cuts in on her at the Yacht Club dance that night.

bombshell page 4

He steals a kiss, and she slaps him. Then the next day, she seems to have a change of heart, inviting him to go sailing with her on her boat. But it's a set up for a childish and dangerous prank, as out on the water she lowers the boom on him - literally.

bombshell page 5

But Annie is soon hoist on her own petard as the boom swings around and knocks her off the boat, unconscious, into the water. The art is somewhat ambiguous here - Annie is bending over, but a shot to her fanny, well-earned though it would have been, would not have rendered her unconscious. The impact effects suggest the boom strikes her in the lower back. But if the boom missed the target, Clint sure doesn't once he saves her and they're safely on dry land: OTK she goes! Yes!

bombshell page 6

"Oooh, Clint, that hurts!" "Good! It's supposed to hurt!" Better-than-average romance comic spanking dialogue here. The spanking has a salutary effect on her, making her nice and affectionate.

"We forgot where we were, we forgot about Art!" You know, we forgot about Art also - he must be a forgettable guy! But the writer remembered him long enough to bring him back for a scene which pretty much repeats what had happened on the swimming raft. Art finally figures out he'd be better off with someone else, while it looks like Clint and Annie will live happily ever after - thanks to spanking!

bombshell page 7
Lovers Lane #29 spanking panel

Annie's fanny on fire!

A close-up of the spanking panel. Very good OTK positioning, and we have a nice view of Annie's fanny clad in red shorts, which is almost as good as seeing her spanked in a red bikini. The two onlookers are having a good time, also.

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