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alfred e. neuman spanked on MAD cover

Cover of Mad Super Special (1994). © EC Publications Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/03/2010.

We're including this cover of a MAD Super Special (1994) within our ongoing series of comic strip spankings because comic strips are the exclusive object of the parodies within. Besides, we mentioned Harvey Kurtzman last time, and Kurtzman was MAD's first editor. Of course, it's a M/M spanking with MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman getting the bare-bottomed treatment, but as much as we prefer M/F we must admit this one is pretty funny. In fact, after going through thousands of pages of Golden Age comics and being dismayed by the preponderance of M/M spankings, we came to realize that M/M was seen as humorous, whereas F/M was usually disciplinary and the all-too-uncommon M/F was seen as either disciplinary (in adventure comics) or romantic (in romance comics).

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