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Mary Marvel Spanks Evil Stepfather

mary marvel spanks stepfather

Mary Marvel spanks an evil stepfather. © Fawcett Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010.

The next of the Marvel Family Spankings occurred only two issues(!) after the previous one, in Marvel Family #5 (October, 1946). In fact there were two spankings, only the second of which is seen here. The first was the girl (seen in the background of the next panel) being spanked by her evil stepfather. Because this is a cruel spanking of a child, it will not be shown. Mary Marvel comes to the girl's rescue and gives the man "a taste of his own medicine" causing him to cry out "It hurts!" Mary then replies, "Of course it hurts! Remember that next time when you think of beating that poor little girl!"

This is really quite unique - most comic-book spankings of the period are either straight discipline or, in the case of romance comics, brat's comeuppance with romantic overtones - but this is an anti child-spanking spanking and really quite ahead of its time. We're supportive, which is one reason we're posting this F/M episode, although we can't help wishing the spankee had been an evil stepmother and that Captain Marvel Jr. had taken Mary Marvel's place as spanker.

The artist is unknown but does not appear to be C. C. Beck; the writer could be Otto Binder (Beck co-created Captain Marvel, while Binder wrote many of his adventures).

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