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Marvel Family Spanks Krugg

mary marvel spanks Krugg

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You know, when we came up with the idea for a series of Marvel Family Spankings, we really hoped that most of them would be M/F. Instead, Mary Marvel has come to the fore as the family's chief spanker, and all her spankees seem to be male. She's assisted here by the family patriarch, Captain Marvel himself, which makes this spanking unusual in having two superhero spankers (siblings yet) and one non-super spankee. We're not even sure how to classify it - FM/M? Of course it was always too much to expect that Mary Marvel would be on the receiving end (she is, after all, billed as "the world's mightiest girl"), and we must admit that she's effective, spanking good and hard until she gets her point across. Compare this with Supergirl's rather ineffectual spanking of two super-brats.

To the best of our knowledge, this spanking, like the two preceding, has never been seen before anywhere on the web. We found it by searching through all the issues of the various Marvel Family titles we could find, page by page.

complete spanking page

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Here is the complete page from Marvel Family #20 (February, 1948). In context, we can see this is a parental-type spanking, with CM and Mary acting in loco parentis. They even instruct the Krugg boy to "tell your folks why you got a spanking from the Marvel Family". By the way, in case anyone thinks we're being inconsistent in applying our "no children" policy, this "boy" looks about eighteen to us, and he did try to shoot Mary (as plain Mary Batson).

We mentioned that the unruly boy Mary spanked in Mary Marvel #1 could have come from Al Capp's Li'l Abner. That goes double here, where the spankee, named "Krugg" and his clan are clearly based on the Scraggs, Daisy Mae's cousins and mortal enemies of the Yokums. The Kruggs, although violent, are still rather toned down versions of the pure-evil Scraggs, perhaps in deference to the young readers of The Marvel Family. This was before the intense criticism of comics that was to follow shortly (read about it here), and the Kruggs are bad enough, so we might be wrong about that.

Once again, the creative personnel are unknown, although the script could always have been by Otto Binder, and something about the way Captain Marvel is drawn in the upper right panel makes us think the artist could have been a young Kurt Schaffenberger.

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