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Mr. Rumbles Spanking

As we mentioned in the Honor Eden spanking, the artist, Jack Sparling, did another comic strip spanking in Mr. Rumbles which we examine now. This is actually the better of the two by far; in fact, we think this is the best F/F scene we have ever come across in a comic strip.

What makes this such an excellent scene is that the spanking is the point of emphasis instead of being merely a one-panel sight gag, such as the ones Harry Sahle did in Candy (seen elsewhere in this gallery, beginning here). Five of the six panels are devoted to aspects of the spanking! Let's break it down.

  • Panel 1: Spice says, "I'm sorry for what I did, Aunt Patty." But Aunt Patty replies, "Being sorry isn't enough, Spice!" as she reaches for a hairbrush. Uh-oh - someone's in trouble!
  • Panel 2: Patty readies the hairbrush, which is prominently displayed, while Spice has a very worried look on her face!
  • Panel 3: Patty takes Spice over her knee and brings the hairbrush down smartly. "Maybe what you need is the old-fashioned method!" We agree - that's what she needs, all right!
  • Panel 4: A second spanking panel as Patty makes that classic declaration, "Here's something I should have given you a long time ago!"
  • Panel 5: Patty says, "Get to work!" a fine example of the post-spanking instruction. Spice, who is still rubbing her bottom, is sure to obey. It's amazing how receptive a spankee is to directions given while her bottom is still smarting!

patty spanks spice in mr rumbles

Art by Jack Sparling; date unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/05/2010.

A strict but loving aunt, a teen-ager needing firm guidance, plenty of build-up, good OTK positioning, numerous hard whacks with a hairbrush, and a stinging bottom are what makes this an absolutely first-rate spanking!

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