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To conclude our series of spankings discovered during The Great Golden Age Search we have the only good one we found in Fox's line of comics, taken from My Desire Intimate Confessions #4 (April 1950). We had not seen it or heard of it before, and our information about it is limited - we don't have any credits or even the complete story. Fortunately, we do have the most important part of "I Hated Him" - the spanking panel!

The panel is well-composed with the single exception of not being able to see Bob's face as he lays on the swats, although we can see Lolly's, and we also have a nice view of her raised rear end - good OTK positioning!

my desire romance spanking panel

Typically-suggestive cover from My Desire Intimate Confessions #4 (Fox Publications). Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/08/2011.

my desire romance spanking panel

Two moons rising in the spanking panel from My Desire Intimate Confessions #4.

Let's meet our young couple, Lolly and Bob. Bob tells Lolly that he doesn't like her painting (great opening gambit there, Bob), then goes ahead and kisses her anyway - "I just wanted to see if you were really ice - all the way." Although it's easy make fun of Bob's pick-up chops (like we just did), we should admire his honesty, a quality that Lolly does not seem to appreciate or to share, for she schemes to get him to fall for her just so she can laugh at him.

my desire page 5

The complete page 5 from My Desire Intimate Confessions #4. Published by Fox Publications.

They go to a dance together, and Lolly adds snobbishness to her other sins (coldness, insincerity). Finally, Bob has had enough and, when they're outside, turns her over his knee! Although angry with him, she's also turned on, although this is somewhat understated.

my desire spanking page 6

The complete page 6 from My Desire Intimate Confessions #4.

"I can't apologize for spanking you, Lolly. You deserved it." This is good - we see that Bob has determination and self-confidence. In fact, he reminds us of us when we were young, which is probably why we couldn't resist poking fun at him earlier. Lolly's character offers more problems, though - there isn't any sign of the good person hiding inside that Bob seems to see, and the writer has her quite unbelievably change into a different person by the end of the story. That's the great weakness here, with her reformation and a happy ending just sort of tacked on.

This story seems to have been reprinted in Almanac of Crime #2 (1950), a giant-sized compendium of recent Fox comics. Why it was reprinted so soon after its first appearance is unknown. We don't have independent scans of this one, which might have given us more of the story. Ripley over at is still searching, however, so perhaps we'll have more information some day.

my desire page 7

The spanking's aftermath on page 7. Bob offers no apologies - way to go, Bob!

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