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Oaky Doaks Spanks Mimi Montclair

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oaky doaks sunday strip Oct. 26, 1947 spanking panel

Oaky spanks Mimi Montclair, from the Sunday Oaky Doaks strip of October 26, 1947. Thanks to Alan for this scan.

This very nice spanking scene was first sent to us by Alan a couple of years ago. We knew it was from 10/26/1947 (four years after the tremendous Spanking Storyline) but we couldn't nail down any of the details - original Oaky Doaks newspaper strips are not common and we simply couldn't lay our hands on any of them from 1947. Then Sweetspot decided to investigate and found the complete sunday strip (below).

This is basically a spoiled brat's comeuppance spanking, with Mimi Montclair a dancer who arranges for some phony publicity by pretending to be held prisoner at the Southbrook mill. King Corny dispatches Oaky to rescue her. When he discovers her deception, over his knee she goes!

The OTK positioning here is not as good as artist R. B. Fuller is capable of (compare to the spanking of Queen Guinevere) because it is too "realistic" in the sense of their being no convenient chair around for Oaky to sit on (we'd have drawn a tree stump), so Fuller modifies the position with Oaky sort of bending Mimi over thin air. It's still a nice, well-deserved spanking though, with Oaky's loyal horse Nellie laughing her approval.

oaky doaks sunday strip Oct. 26, 1947

The complete strip from October 26, 1947, taken from the Alabama newspaper the Cullman Banner. Scan by Sweetspot, who reports that it appeared on a Thursday, the Banner being a weekly. Enhanced and posted by the Web-Ed on 05/05/2017.

Note that by this time, Oaky has left Camelot and has now settled down in Uncertainia, where he will woo and eventually marry King Corny's daughter Princess Pomona.

Oaky Doaks was a very fine strip, but it was distributed by a rather weak syndicate (Associated Press, as we mentioned in the Spanking Storyline), and when it folded in 1961 it took Oaky down with it. It's a shame, because R. B. Fuller was a fine cartoonist and would undoubtedly have continued the strip until his death two years later had the syndicate managed to last that long.

oaky doaks spanking of mimi montclair panel enhanced by dan rivera

Enhanced by Dan Rivera.

CSR Resident Artist Dan Rivera had this to say:

"I suspect your scan of the 'Oaky spanks Mimi' panel is a victim of letterpress color overlap. It looks as if Mimi's bottom is misshapen. I submit that the enclosed scan presents her target area a bit better, and more lifelike."
We heartily agree, Dan, and thanks for your effort!

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