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The Paddler #1

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The Paddler #1 comic book cover

From the Web-Ed's collection. © Friendly Comics, Inc.

Yes, believe it or not, there was actually a comic book called The Paddler. This is the cover of the first issue (May 1992), and it wasn't the kind of comic you'd find at your local convenience store - it was definitely X-rated stuff with spotty distribution. We remember knowing about this title at the time and still being unable to find it. The Paddler was intended to be a pornographic parody of Marvel's very popular title The Punisher (Hollywood has released another film based on the character). In place of the Punisher's skull-shaped chest emblem, the Paddler sported twin buttocks; in place of a machine gun, the Paddler's paddle looked more like a cricket bat.
The Paddler #1 spanking panel The Paddler tries to live up to his name.

© Friendly Comics, Inc.

04/22/2011 Update: When we first posted this page, we didn't have a flat scanner so we used a digital photo of the cover. We have now replaced that photo with a fresh scan and also added the panel at left from the book's interior.

The kneeling on hands and knees position is workable, but the hips should be raised higher (thighs vertical).

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