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Jorge takes over where the Phantom left off

Script by Lee Falk; art by Ray Moore. Scan provided by Dan Rivera. © King Features Syndicate.

As with the preceding scene, we moved this spanking over here from Comics Gallery 1 where it had been combined with two other scenes. The panels here are not laid out as they were originally; they are a montage taken from the 03/10/46 and 03/17/46 strips.

Now let's see a little more of the story as well as the spanking again, this time with some newly-discovered scans. In the March 3, 1946 installment (below), we learn that Count Jorge is in love with Queen Pera, who after being spanked by the Phantom confesses to him that "I've dreamed of meeting a masterful man like you."

Pera admits she wants a masterful man; Jorge admits he loves Pera

03/03/1946. Script by Lee Falk; art by Ray Moore. © King Features Syndicate.

After The Phantom departs, we see that he's left his mark on the locals (in more ways than one) as Jorge, who has loved Queen Pera for years, puts his foot down and gives her a second spanking! "I think I learned something from the Phantom!" he says. What he learned is that women want a masterful man - an impressive display of psychological insight by Falk, particularly by comic writing standards of the 1940's. Of course Pera then realizes she loves Jorge - yet another successful romance made possible by spanking!

Jorge calls Pera a spoiled brat Jorge spanks Pera

Jorge finally realizes that Pera, like any woman, wants and needs to be mastered, and thanks to the Phantom, he knows just how to do it! (03/17/1946)   © King Features Syndicate.

Pera loves Jorge for spanking her

Pera is pleased that Jorge has mastered her (03/17/1946). Even her lady-in-waiting (background) looks happy! © King Features Syndicate.

The new scans enable us to more fully appreciate the romantic aspects of this episode. Queen Pera is something of a spoiled brat who needed to be taught a lesson (spanking #1, by The Phantom), but more than that, she's a woman who needs a strong man to dominate her (spanking #2, by Jorge). Falk does not suggest that she and Count Jorge are spankos, but he does imply that human sexuality is shaped by dominant and submissive desires. This is an insight I'm not sure is shared by his great contemporary Zack Mosley, whose Smilin' Jack is certainly masculine enough, although Roy Crane does seem to grasp this idea, perhaps in a more rudimentary form than Falk.

Shakespeare had King Henry IV observe that

"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."
It isn't generally wise to rewrite Will, but we'll take a chance here and render the line in Queen Pera's case after she's been spanked twice as
"Uneasy on her throne when she sits down!"

Jorge takes over where the Phantom left off

Scan from unknown source, color adjusted by Web-Ed. © King Features Syndicate.

Since this was the Sunday continuity (S014), it was originally in color. We have only been able to find one panel which seems to be the original and not a reprint, but it's the most important one and here it is. Note again the fine OTK positioning, well-defined and presented bottom, and Pera's crown which falls from her head during the spanking just as it did with The Phantom earlier.

The falling crown is certainly intended to symbolize her descent from the highborn "Queen Pera the Perfect" to a woman like any other as she feels the same sting in the same place any other woman would - right where it will do her the most good!

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