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We saw a Swedish version of The Phantom spanking Queen Pera, so now lets see what happened later on when it was time for Count Jorge to take his turn. (If you don't know the story, go back to the original Sunday strip to see why Jorge is finally putting his foot down with Pera). This is an absolutely gorgeous panel, with very nice OTK positioning and good figure-drawing by Romano Felmang (pencils) and Germano Ferri (inks). Pera keeps her crown on this time, but her exclamation of "Ahhhh - Jorge!" tells us her royal fanny is feeling the sting!

Thanks to Mattias for sending this one to us.

Jorge takes over where the Phantom left off

Count Jorge gives Queen Pera her second spanking, and she'll be a better woman and a better queen because of it. Photo by Mattias using a digital camera with color corrections by Web-Ed. From Fantomen #9. © King Features Syndicate.

07/29/2011 Update: Oxken, who has frequently contributed his enhancements in the past, came through twice more with variations on our recent "Focus on The Phantom" postings. Here's what he had to say about what motivated him to tackle this one:

"It was partly that I am a bit frustrated if the panel is cropped too much, and I have done my best to extend it downwards a little. I also felt that Count Jorge seemed to have extraordinarily long thighs to be able to adopt the position that he was in. I have straightened him a bit and moved his body in."

Jorge takes over where the Phantom left off

The above as modified by Oxken. © King Features Syndicate.

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