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Phantom Spanks Queen Pera #2

phantom jungle girl spanking

© King Features Syndicate, date unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/26/2010.

The last of The Phantom spankings we know of is unidentified but it's a good one: he's spanking what appears to be a villainess in the mold of DC's old Huntress (the one who fought Wildcat during the Golden Age), or maybe even better, a wayward Jungle Girl! If there were to be a superhero-spanks-jungle-girl scene, the Phantom would be the obvious choice for the Top role. We admit the leopard-pattern dress is a little long for either role, but that's what we'd like to believe. [Note: we later learned our "Jungle Girl" was none other than Queen Pera! See below.]

The Phantom employs his usual good OTK positioning, the bottom is reasonably well-defined, and it looks like the spanks are being applied with some vigor. Good work!

phantom #9 cover swedish version

Swedish cover of Phantom #9, art by Germano Ferri. Month unknown but from 2000. The price indicates it was also distributed in Finland. © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/29/2011.

04/29/2011 Update: We now know this is another version of the Phantom/Queen Pera spanking. It's not a reprint of the original Sunday section; rather, it's from a Swedish-language comic-book retelling of the original strip - got that? Actually, it testifies as to the Phantom's enduring popularity in many lands. Now let's see it as it was meant to be seen, thanks to digital photos taken and sent to us by Mattias.

Nice painted cover, featuring our lovely spankee-to-be, Queen Pera. Her icy composure will soon melt as her fanny is warmed - twice!

This is a retelling of the original Sunday strip. It's well-drawn, and while there could also have been an American or Australian comic book version, we haven't been able to locate one. The dialogue sounds pretty good in Swedish, and since we know the story, we don't have to translate. However, we'll guess (Google translator didn't work) that "Drottning Pera hennes forsta ordentliga risbastu" means "Queen Pera her first proper spanking"!

phantom spanks pera swedish version

© King Features Syndicate

Now let's see the spanking panels enlarged. This is lovely work, done in an "American" style with pencils by Romano Felmang and inks by Germano Ferri. They get the OTK positioning right, and Pera's dress reveals her figure nicely, especially her shapely derriere as it is thoroughly warmed by Fantomen - excellent!

phantom spanks pera swedish panel 1

© King Features Syndicate

phantom spanks pera swedish panel 2

Photos by Mattias with color corrections by the Web-Ed. © King Features Syndicate

phantom spanks pera swedish panel 2

07/22/2011 Update: Modification by Oxken, who removed anything that might distract our attention from the spanking (like the figures of the two men and the decorated background) and added a little more "headroom" to the panel. © King Features Syndicate

phantom spanks pera swedish panel 2 modified by Pablo

09/25/2015 Update: Modification by Pablo, who reversed the image, bared and enhanced Pera's bottom, modified her expression and the stinging "effect" lines to make the pain seem more intense, and rewrote the dialogue - whew! That was a lot of work, Pablo! But it was worth it as an already sizzling drawing becomes even more erotically charged. © King Features Syndicate

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