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Phantom Spanking #4 - The Marshall Sisters

phantom marshall sisters spanking

© King Features Syndicate, exact date unknown but definitely from 1948. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/26/2010.

Last time we saw The Phantom administer a double-spanking, and he does the same here, which is a pretty remarkable achievement - we don't know of another superhero who has equaled this feat.

This is a good scene, with the first girl crying out "Eeooow!" and the second, knowing that she's going to be next, vainly protesting "No, no!"   Yes, yes - she's going to get spanked too!

Thanks to Tanner, we can identify the spankees here as the Marshall sisters, which makes this probably another record for the Phantom. Spanking two sisters is a pretty rare (and cool) accomplishment. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate the succeeding panels, in which the girls are riding in a convertible. The sister driving asks the other where they should go. The sister in the passenger seat, who is standing up leaning on the door answers, "anyplace, quickly, where we don't have to sit down!" If we do find those panels, we'll add them here.

04/29/2011 Update: with help from Mike and Mattias, we found one of those panels, plus some of the preceding ones that show why the girls deserved their spankings - see below.

Below we see the Marshall sisters on either side of Diana, The Phantom's girlfriend. The sisters, who seem to want to see The Phantom humbled, have somehow lured him into a bear pit to be attacked by the Ruffhaus twins.

"Watch, Diana! Watch your boyfriend get the beating of his life!" But as they witness the fight, they have a change of heart.

"We don't want any more. Stop it! Stop it!" But the fight goes on...

phantom marshall sisters page before spanking

From Mike's collection. © King Features Syndicate. Scanned and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/29/2011.

The Phantom manages to recover, and he "whales the daylights out of the Ruffhaus twins!"

The Marshall sisters seem contrite, but not as contrite as they will be! They who desired to see the Phantom humbled must be humbled themselves. Let the spankings begin!

phantom marshall sisters page before spanking

Script by Lee Falk, art by Wilson McCoy. From Mike's collection. © King Features Syndicate.

But wait - there's more! Mattias, one of our readers in Sweden, sent us a bunch of Swedish-language Phantom reprints in full color, including the two panels below which show us the spanking and its aftermath. They were taken by Mattias using a Kodak digital camera (with slight color corrections done by us) from Fantomen #9 (2005).

Apart from showing the popularity of The Phantom in other countries, we really like the way the dialogue sounds in Swedish: "Nej! Nej!" vainly cries the 2nd sister, while the first one is still over the Phantom's knee crying "AAAJJJ!" which we translate as "EEOOOWW!" As for "bara vi slipper sitta ner" we know it means something like "somewhere we don't have to sit down!"

Boy, this is fun!

phantom marshall sisters spanking swedish color version

© King Features Syndicate.

marshall sisters can't sit after phantom spanked them

© King Features Syndicate.

05/16/2014 Update:

phantom marshall sisters spanking page original newspaper

Source unknown (click to double-size). © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/16/2014.

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