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Phantom Spanking #3 - Sala and Margo

phantom sky band spanking in context

© King Features Syndicate. From the November 30, 1941 Sunday strip. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/26/2010.

Lee Falk's Phantom (a/k/a "The Ghost Who Walks") may just have been the best of all superhero spankers. He not only knows how to give a quality spanking, he gives them in quantity! (See Phantom Spanks Girl Explorer for a complete index detailing all known Phantom spankings, and the Phantom Spanking Question topic on the Comic Book Spanking Forum. Now let's take a look at one of these, a famous double-spanking he once gave to two bad girls on an island.

We don't know the complete storyline, but from the Phantom's description of events, the two girls tried to escape from a destroyer in a small boat which capsized in a storm. "I don't know whether to wring your necks or spank you. Hmmm - that's an idea!"

It's a great idea, as a matter of fact, and he proceeds to carry it out: "And the proud, haughty leaders of the sky band are spanked like naughty children..." Most of Falk's spanking scenes follow this pattern, with the wrongfully-proud, the arrogant, and the haughty getting humbled by this most effective of methods - see, in addition to the other Phantom episodes mentioned above, Mandrake Spanking #1 and Mandrake Spanking #2. That's what makes these spankings so great - notice that they're far more erotic than the pure punishment spanking (Spirit spanks Huntress, Firebrand spanks Helga, The Saint #5), where the women are actually evil.

Falk handles the aftermath well also, with the first spankee admitting, "That hurt" as she rubs away - in fact, both girls are rubbing at the end, as a caption informs us that "Eyes filled with tears and anatomies smarting, they await orders" - well done!

Here are alternate scans of the spanking panels found at Vintage Spanking.

phantom sky band spanking panel #2 phantom sky band spanking panel #1
phantom sky band spanking in color

Here is a color version, the original format of this sequence, the b & w versions above being copies. The source is unknown, but is of good enough quality to make out the year as 1941, which fits in with the "destroyer" reference that by inself suggested the story took place during World War II.

The artist was Ray Moore. He does the OTK positioning well, and has the Phantom spank ambidexterously, avoiding the compositional error we often point out of spanking with the wrong hand.

04/29/2011 Update: We have finally nailed down the date of this episode. It was part of "The Return of the Sky Band" which ran for a whole year of Sundays from 3/02/1941 to 2/22/1942 (S006 in the commonly-accepted indexing scheme) with the spankings occurring on 11/30/1941. Let's see now what led up to this climactic moment.

Sala (the dark-haired spankee) is the leader of the Sky Band, a group of air pirates of which Margo (the blonde-haired one) is a member. The Phantom puts an end to the Sky Band and takes both girls prisoner aboard a destroyer. The girls plot their escape, launching a lifeboat in the middle of a hurricane. Although they like The Phantom, Margot shoots him, grazing his head, and they dump him into the boat.

phantom sky band november 9 1941

November 9, 1941 © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/29/2011.

The boat capsizes in the storm and then is wrecked completely when it runs aground. The Phantom manages to haul both girls to safety.

phantom sky band november 21 1941

November 23, 1941 © King Features Syndicate.

Here is the complete spanking page. Both girls certainly have it coming!

phantom sky band november 30 1941 spanking

November 30, 1941 © King Features Syndicate.

05/09/2014 Update: An actual newspaper copy of this week's strip was sold on ebay a while back. Notice that "with Spanking Panels" was emphasized in the item's description! Our thanks to whoever it was who brought this to our attention - it may have been Wolfie138.

phantom sky band november 30 1941 spanking ebay

The original November 30, 1941 newspaper version as sold on ebay, and for a reasonable price. © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/09/2014.

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