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Plastic Man Spanks Gangster Girl in Police Comics #73

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spanking page from police comics #73

Art by Jack Cole. From Police Comics #73 (December 1947), published by Quality Comics. (Click to double-size).

For once, we'll begin with a question: can you spot the spanking in the page at left in two seconds or less? That was the task that faced us as we conducted the Great Golden Age Search, during which we examined 1000 pages per day for something like 300 consecutive days! We must admit this one escaped our otherwise eagle eye (for spankings), but if you try it yourself (without increasing the page size) you'll soon see why. Fortunately Johnny Ola spotted this one and brought it to our attention, as we bring it to yours now, so a big thanks to him.

This is an example of what we have called the "melee spanking" in which the spanking takes place as part of a general brawl (see e.g. the scene with Bob and Swab cleaning up a bar in which Swab spanks a bargirl). The melee spanking arose out of the requirement that a gentleman not strike a lady with his fist - but he can do something much better by turning her OTK! Plastic Man can initiate a brawl all by himself, because he's the most flexible of all super-heroes, and he does so here in the line of duty with a criminal gang. Notice that he's punching out two male gang members, including one on his right, with his left hand while spanking the bad girl with his right!

Let's take a look at four critical panels below: (1) We meet our spankee-to-be; (2) Plas enters the hideout and she tries to pull his hair; (3) the spanking panel; (4) Plas ties up the defeated gang, thoughtfully placing a pillow underneath the bad girl's bottom!

our spankee dances away

Our spankee-to-be: a good dancer, but a very bad girl!

just before the spanking she tries pulling his hair

As Plas enters the villains' hideout, she decides to help in the fight by pulling his hair, to no effect of course.

plastic man spanks bad girl

The all-important spanking panel. Peculiar postioning, but at least she gets the spanking on the seat of her panties, and the pain stars tell us she's feeling the sting!

spankee tied to chair with pillow underneath her

In a wonderful touch of humor, and one many of us spankos will appreciate, Cole has Plas place a pillow under the spankee's seat as he ties her to a chair!

The only thing we don't get in this wonderful scene is good OTK positioning, which had to be sacrificed to the indescribable, zany humor that Cole put into this great strip. As spankos, of course we would have preferred the OTK position be used, but artistically, we understand that Cole made the right choice.

Around the time Quality Comics was winding down, Cole did other freelance work, notably for Playboy and the Humorama digests. Although Humorama must have started publishing "spankers" just about this same time, the Plastic Man example here remains Cole's only known M/F spanking, and it is a great pity because he was the one Humorama artist who was more than a match for any of their "Big Five" spanking cartoonists (Bill Ward, Bill Wenzel, Dan DeCarlo, Kirk Stiles, and Homer Provence).

Below for reference are the issue's cover and the page preceding the spanking (click to double-size).

cover of police comics #73

Cover of Police Comics #73, art by Jack Cole.

page preceding the spanking

The page that preceded the spanking. Art by Jack Cole. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/18/2011.

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