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Popular Teen-Agers #10

popular teen-agers #10 cover

Popular Teen-Agers #10 (January, c. 1952). © Star Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/16/2010.

For the second in our series of spankings from, we have this remarkable find - Popular Teen-Agers #10 from January (no indicia available so exact year is not known but may be 1952 - title began in 1950). There was another spanking in issue #14 which was very well known - in fact, it was one of The Seven Spankings - but as far as we know, this one was unknown and even unsuspected until Spanking Panels turned it up.

As we mentioned in regards to #14, little is known about most comics from Star, so we don't have much information on this issue. Therefore, let's get to the spanking!

pre-spanking panel from pop teenagers #10 spanking panel from pop teenagers #10

Not a truly great spanking, but a pretty good one. The essential romantic props are there: good OTK positioning under a tree, full moon, riding breeches that give Brad a clear target and don't provide Jean with too much protection. "His arms held me like steel bands, and I was suddenly glad to be helpless in his strength..."

post-spanking panel from pop teenagers #10

The aftermath of the spanking: "Oh, the humiliatation of it all! To be spanked..." This is a classic example of a young woman not yet in touch with her true feelings. Deep down, Jean very probably wanted to be humiliated in this very special way by the man she loves. She says again, "I hate him!" but we're certainly not convinced she really means it.

Later on, Brad and her father save Jean and Agnes from the cyclone mentioned in the spanking panel, and Brad and Jean finally get together, presumably to live happily ever after. Yay - another relationship saved by a good spanking! (For a complete plot synopsis, go to

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