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cover of josie and the pussycats #55

From Robin's collection. © Archie Productions Inc. Scanned and posted by the Web-Ed on 05/20/2011.

We begin a short series of spankings in the Archie comics line with Josie and The Pussycats #55 (June 1971). Josie was created by Archie chief artist Dan DeCarlo (see his many spanking cartoons in the Humor Section), who at first tried to sell it as an independent strip to the newspaper syndicates. When that didn't work out, DeCarlo approached Archie publisher Richard Goldwater who o.k.'d it as a comic-book. This turned out to be a fateful turn of events, and rather unfortunate from DeCarlo's point of view as comic companies always took ownership of the characters, whereas creators could get a more equitable deal from the syndicates. Late in his life, he sued to get a share of the profits and creator credit for Josie, but he lost the case and the company fired him.

The comics used in this series are from Robin's collection, which he was good enough to entrust to us. Let's introduce the main characters seen on the cover, from left to right: Alexandra (on her soap box, literally), who wants to take over the Pussycats from Josie but who has no talent; unknown girl in yellow dress; Josie (notice how much she looks like a female version of Archie Andrews); Valerie (Pussycat); and Melody (Pussycat).

Probably if we took a poll asking the question, "Which Pussycat would you most like to see spanked?" Melody would win in a landslide. (For some discussion, see Spankings in Archie Comics in the CSR Forum.) However, it's Josie who takes the swat here, and it comes about in a rather strange way.

The gang is looking through some of the mementoes that Alexandra's father has brought back from his world travels. Josie rubs an Arabian lamp in jest, and when nothing happens, Alexandra tries the more modern version: a flashlight! And lo, a modern-looking genie appears to do her bidding. Of course, Alexandra being Alexandra bids him harass poor Josie.

Josie #55 spanking page

© Archie Productions Inc.

An ottoman makes a fine spanking aid - the spankee can be instructed to bend over and grasp its sides, for instance - but it's a very awkward spanking implement, and this is the first time we have ever seen it used as such. Nonetheless, it counts, as we're sure Josie herself would agree. Somewhat surprisingly, this is the second comic-book genie spanking - the first was in Captain Marvel, Jr. of all places.

There is also a gag pinup (possibly two) of Josie just after she's been spanked by her Dad for a bad report card - follow the link above to the Spankings in Archie Comics topic on the CSR Forum if you want to see it - but we won't count it as a true comic-book spanking because it occurs off-panel.

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