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Veronica Spanked - The Ming Vase Episode

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The panel at left has been seen around various spanking sites but without any context, so no one, except the original anonymous poster, knew what the story was or what comic book it had come from. Fortunately, it was among the comics sent to us by Robin, so now we can get the whole story as we continue our series of spankings in the Archie comics line.

It turned out to have come from Archie #226 (June 1973) in a story entitled "The Helping Hand" (for convenience, we'll continue to refer to it as "The Ming Vase Episode") with script by Frank Doyle, pencils by Harry Lucey, and inks by Chic Stone.

veronica crying wah! after getting spanked

The widely-seen "Wah!" panel. © Archie Productions Inc.

cover of Archie #226

Cover of Archie #226, pencils by Dan DeCarlo and inks by Rudy Lapick. © Archie Productions Inc.

There has always been a great deal of interest in seeing either of Archie's girls Betty and Veronica getting spanked (see this topic on the CSR Forum), but if we were to take a poll as to which of the two readers would most like to see OTK, we think that Veronica would "win" hands down, as it were. The reason is that Veronica is occasionally a little stuck-up, conscious of her good looks, wealthy family, and social position, and there's a very strong human desire to see such women taken down a peg. There are many examples in comics, all of them very satisfying, with perhaps Lee Falk doing it best (see Phantom spanks Queen Pera, Mandrake Spanks Countess, and Grandfather Spanks Granddaughter Princess).

We've summarized the plot's essentials below using three drawings of Veronica taken from the story. Basically, Veronica's haughty attitude earns her a stinging seat. Artists Lucey and Stone do a very fine job in using Veronica's body language to convey her bad attitude.

veronica spanking equation

A condensed version of the story's essentials.

Now let's take a look at the story. While walking along minding his own business, Archie is suddenly hit in the ankle with a rock. He finds out it was thrown by a rotten kid, who runs away knowing Archie can't catch him with his injured ankle. Archie makes it over to Veronica's house, where he finds out the rotten kid is actually Bertram, Veronica's cousin!

Veronica is completely unsympathetic and even implies that Archie lives in a bad neighborhood, thus displaying the haughty attitude that will soon bring about her comeuppance. Bertram hits Archie again, and when Archie threatens a reprisal, Veronica shows Archie the door.

archie #226 bertram breaks ming vase

© Archie Productions Inc.

In contrast, Mr. Lodge is rather sympathetic to Archie for once, but Veronica insists on taking Bertram's part, and when he breaks a priceless Ming vase with his slingshot, Veronica's attitude is "Just have Mr. Ming make you another." Again, notice how well the artists manage to convey her air of superiority. But alas for her, the Ming Dynasty can't be restored just for her convenience, and her fed-up father has finally had enough.

archie #226 bertram breaks ming vase

© Archie Productions Inc.

Outside the Lodge residence, Archie hears the sounds of a long-overdue spanking and assumes it's Bertram getting his just desserts - until he sees Bertram fleeing the house. In the last panel, we see Veronica feeling the effects of her spanking ("Wah!" - yes!) as Archie delivers up Bertram to Mr. Lodge for similar treatment. Let justice be done!

archie #226 veronica spanking page

© Archie Productions Inc.

Technically, we can't count this as a spanking and put it in the Comics Spanking Data Base because it takes place off-panel, but it's still very satisfying, primarily because of the post-spanking view we get of Veronica rubbing her still-stinging bottom.

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