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Smilin' Jack Spanking #5

This fifth entry in our Smilin' Jack series was the last one we found (at, as it happens, where Ripley introduced it into a discussion on the known spankings from this strip). This is a most unusual item - offhand, the only other "picture of a spanking" spanking we can think of in the comics medium is the famous Batman / Marcia Monroe pairing in The Brave and the Bold where Bruce Wayne is reading a newspaper that has a photograph of the spanking we had seen in an earlier panel.

We can't make out most of the dialogue here, but it seems likely that the photo represents the Jack spanking Joy episode we saw last time even though no photographer was shown snapping any pictures. We think Jack is saying, "I want to tell her a thing or two!" in the preceding panel. Then his friend observes, "Well, Jack, I must say you certainly emphasize your statements with plenty of punctuation marks!" referring to the spanking. (This sounds almost like one of the gags in a Humorama spanking cartoon). There's another reference two panels later when the friend says, "You might just as well have spanked a keg of dynamite!"

Apart from getting a second look at the spanking, we really like that it was given so much emphasis in the story line that it's still being discussed some time later.

picture within panel of jack spanking joy

Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/24/2010.

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