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Smilin' Jack Spanking #4

cover of smilin jack super book #19

Published in 1946. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/24/2010.

Next in our Smilin' Jack series is perhaps the most important spanking that occurred in the strip. We hesitate to make that judgment although we think we've now seen all of them, but when your lead character spanks his employer's daughter (who also happens to be the woman he's going to marry later in the strip's run), thus winning her father's respect (and perhaps hers too), it has to be reckoned a significant event.

Before we get to the good stuff (the spanking), we should mention that the scans we see here were taken from the fourth time this sequence was put into print, from the Super Book of Comics that was offered by Omar bread. This is not the only time a spanking scene was found in a food-item giveaway (see Captain Marvel Spanks Wildcat for Wheaties' contribution to the literature). It appeared originally during Smilin' Jack's newspaper run (1940, exact date unknown) and then was reprinted in Dell's Popular Comics #94 (Dec. 1943, which also featured an unrelated M/M spanking from Gasoline Alley on the cover!) and Four Color #58 (1944). It may even have been reprinted again in 1947 for another giveaway, this one by Western Oil Co.(!), but that's just our guess and these books are so scarce we have no way to know for sure at the present time.

As part of our Great Golden Age Search we looked at every Dell comic we could find, but these three were not among them. Therefore, we are grateful to, who have their own copy of the book, for most of the scans we see here.

jack rolls up his sleeves

Jack works for Mr. Beaverduck flying his daughter Joy and her pals around (actually, he acts as Joy's co-pilot). She irresponsibly cuts the engine, forcing a difficult dead-stick landing on a beach and resisting Jack's efforts to take the controls. As we see in the two panels at left, after making the landing Jack's got spanking on his mind, and we can't blame him!

jack gets hold of joy and prepares to spank her

Zack Mosley demonstrates that he knows how to build up suspense by showing us the motivation for the spanking to come and the growing dread on the part of the spankee-to-be as she reads her fate in the Jack's eyes:

"You're gonna get what you've needed for years!"

jack gets hold of joy and prepares to spank her

Jack is about to begin when two of Joy's pals try to come to her assistance. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for us), they're somewhat inebriated and Jack is able to dispose of them with one punch.

smilin' jack spanks spoiled joy beaverduck

With nothing more standing in the way, Jack administers a much-needed spanking and he does so with vigor. This is another thing that Mosley does very well - every spanking of his we've seen features good, solid whacks that are sure to be felt! After the spanking, he dunks her in the surf. It may have been this scene that inspired Joe Gill to add a similar post-spanking dunking in Just Married #58.

Four of her friends seem pretty amused by the spanking - a reasonable attitude. A fifth is just emerging from the plane, and her expression is harder to read (not surprising since she didn't get a chance to see the build-up to the spanking), while the two guys Jack knocked down are just sitting on the beach, dazed.

smilin' jack spanks spoiled joy beaverduck

Here is an alternate scan of the spanking panel, along with a truncated post-spanking scene in which Joy is actually crying, probably more from the humiliation than anything else. She implies that she's going to report Jack to her father, but when the two drunken partiers that Jack knocked down earlier try to send him a telegram, Joy tears it up, suggesting that she wants to keep Jack close at hand. This implies the spanking made her respect and desire him as a man.

joy's father spproves of jack spanking her

Figuring he's in trouble with her father, Jack nonetheless doesn't back down, maintaining that he was right to spank her (just try to imagine one of those pathetic "metrosexual" types common in today's popular culture acting in so masculine a fashion). To his surprise, Mr. Beaverduck applauds his action: "My boy, I've been intending to do what you did to her for years!"

So all's well that ends well, and as we mentioned earlier, at some later point in the strip Jack and Joy get married. Another happy ending, courtesy of spanking!

There was another occasion when Jack spanked Joy, but we don't know where it stands chronologically in relation to this one. We will present it as Smilin' Jack Spanking #9.

12/18/2015 Update: As we mentioned, the strip was reprinted for the first time in Popular Comics #94 (Dec. 1943) and we have some scans from that book now.

joy deserves a spanking in popular comics #94

We have more of the context now, and can see that Joy was taking a dangerous chance. Mosley does make one mistake in the dialogue - he has Jack refer to "beating" a woman who would cut a plane's ignition instead of "spanking" her.

joy gets a spanking in popular comics #94

We do get a clearer sense of the story's flow than we had before, and these scans are perfectly clean (thanks to Etapi_Sooth and Darkmark for providing them).

We mentioned above that there was a third reprinting in Four Color #58, but that book is not in the public domain and as we are unlikely to be able to find a copy for our personal collection, we may never get to see it on CSR. Also, there may have been a fourth reprinting(!) for Western Oil, but that has never been confirmed. Still, the scans we have here should satisfy everyone.

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