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Smilin' Jack Spanking #10

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Dan Rivera posted this episode of the Smilin Jack strip on the CSR Forum. It is the tenth spanking(!) from the strip. Here is what Dan had to say about it:

"And here is an unfortunately too-small xerox copy of a Smilin' Jack cartoon, which shows us another of Jack's friends, some guy named Lone Jones, giving yet another spanking to "Cindy," the girl who would eventually get (at least) two more spankings in the Smilin' Jack pages. [See the CSR Smilin' Jack index in Smilin' Jack #9 for links - Web-Ed.] I have spent a lot of time and treasure, trying to corral ALL the "Smilin' Jack" spankings, for I know his creator, Zach Moseley, was a spanko at heart. Had to be. To date, we have found SEVEN (7!) spank scenes in that comic strip. Now this makes it EIGHT (8)! I realize the pic here is too small to be downloaded, but I have delivered it in the best quality I can. (I even cleaned up the "fuzz" that the old Xerox machines used to leave in blank areas.)... So maybe Web-ed, or one of his top researchers, can find a better copy of this scene. The writing on the margin of this strip says: "Washington Post: July 5-7, 1960" and also "Atlanta Constitution -- Oct. 11, 1943." I'm betting the 1943 date is closer to the truth, for the strip also shows us scenes with Jack and Joy Beaverduck, and I think she appeared in the 1940s, not the 1960s. The toon also shows the date "10-11" on the first panel, so that probably means October 11, 1943 was the first publication of this strip."

We agree - this is probably from 10/11/1943. Perhaps the Washington Post date represents a reprint, although since the strip was still running then we don't know why it would have been reprinted at that time, or perhaps it's simply a mistake.

johnny hazard comic strip spanking

Lone Jones spanks Cindy in Smilin' Jack by Zack Mosley. From the collection of Dan Rivera (click to double-size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/27/2012.

Dan also suggested we change our enumeration of these spankings:

"Also: We might consider the Smilin' Jack "double spanking" of Cherry and her daughter Cindy as TWO spankings, because there are two different panels. The first shows Jack taming Cherry, the second shows the two women -- mother and daughter -- BOTH over Jack's knee, being spanked concurrently. But they are two different aspects, shown in two separate panels; so we might want to consider them as being two spankings rather than one."

Again, we agree, and with considerable difficulty have renumbered and re-coded all the previous Smilin' Jack spankings so that this one will now be considered #10.

The question of whether Mosley was a spanko, as Dan has long believed, is more difficult although it obviously becomes more likely as the number of known spankings in Smilin Jack increases. Would a non-spanko have put 10 spankings in his strip? (And we can't rule out the possibility there were more). Also, Mosley's spankings are always carried out with plenty of vigor - no wimpy love-pats, but real good shellackings that leave the bottom sore! The only evidence against the proposition is that his OTK positioning often looks somewhat awkward, as if he didn't have any first-hand experience in giving a spanking.

We also run into the problem of definitions: we believe there are "greater" and "lesser" spankos, those who were always into it and those who came upon spanking rather late in the day. But a full discussion of this problem will have to await a full-length article. One thing is certain: whether spanko or not, Mosley certainly believed that spanking wild women was both efficacious and justified, which makes him A-O.K. in our book!

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