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Smilin' Jack Spanking #11

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While searching for more information on Jolly Spanks Sully (Smilin' Jack Spanking #8 in the CSR numbering), Sweetspot discovered two other spankings. The first of these is really only a single butt-slap, but it certainly counts and we'll see it momentarily. The second is a retelling of Spanking #8, and we'll see it in the near future as Smilin' Jack Spanking #12.

The year is 1957, three years before Spanking #8, and Jack's son Jolly is once again the spanker while our spankee is one Robin Rockin (if Zack Mosley's spanking scenes weren't so engrossing we could spend some time analyzing his rather odd naming habits). Actually, the explanation here is fairly simple for those old enough to remember that before the song "Rockin Robin" was a big hit for Michael Jackson in 1972, it was first recorded back in 1957 by Bobby Day (Wikipedia has 1958 but I believe this to be an error).

smilin jack june 9 1957

Smilin' Jack, June 9, 1957. © News Syndicate Co. Inc. Scan by Sweetspot; edited by Web-Ed.

smilin jack june 10 1957

Smilin' Jack, June 10, 1957. © News Syndicate Co. Inc. Scan by Sweetspot edited and posted by Web-Ed on 08/10/2018.

It's not the greatest spanking, of course, with only one swat and no OTK positioning, but Mosley makes up for this somewhat by showing us Robin's outraged dignity ("How dare you spank me?!")- and violating the spankee's person in a way that causes the loss of dignity is basically the whole point of spanking. Robin seems like a nice girl, though, and not really deserving of an extended spanking anyway. We know of no other spanking scenes involving her.

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