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To conclude our series of Modern Comic Book Spankings, we have a book with an extremely promising title - SPANK!   Alas, there's only one rather tepid slap in the whole series, which ran for three or four issues back in 1991. "Spank" is the name given to a most unusual life-size doll by his mistress, a rather disturbed and disturbing young woman who, dissatisfied with her human lovers, brings him to life with her sexual ministrations. Rather inconveniently, Spank is only alive when in a state of sexual arousal - when his erection fades, so does his life-essence.

If that sounds a little weird to you, it just means you're normal! Below we have reproduced the one spank alongside the cover of Spank #1 (April, 1991). When the young woman cries out "Spank" in the first panel, she's not asking for a spanking but pining for her doll. The man, thinking he's got "a kinky one" on his hands, delivers an inept swat that pleases her not at all. In his defense, he couldn't have administered a good spanking while she was sitting on top of him, and she wouldn't have appreciated it anyway.

This book was probably the biggest disappointment we ever encountered in our early days (c. 1975 - 1995) of searching for comic-book spankings. Why did Campbell choose the name "Spank" for a doll who never gave any spankings, and who belonged to a woman who didn't want to receive any? He might just as well have chosen a name like "Rutabaga"!

cover of spank #1

Spank #1 (Web-Ed's collection). Art by M. Scott Campbell. © Eros Comix Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/28/2011.

interior page from spank #1
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