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Steve Canyon #3 - Poteet Asks to be Spanked!

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In this third example from Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon, Steve's ward Poteet actually asks him to spank her! After playing some juvenile practical joke she goes to see Steve, who's recuperating in a hospital room, and he gently reproves her: "I should pick you up and spank you!"

"Please spank me, Stevie B.!" begs Poteet, throwing herself over him in a semi-OTK position. We think she does this out of a sincere sense of guilt and desire for punishment, although her expression in panel 3 leaves some room for doubt - someone might conclude that she actually wanted to be spanked. The scene concludes humorously as a nurse enters, preventing Steve from following through on the spanking, if he would have. The date on which this episode originally appeared is unknown.

It's worth mentioning for the benefit of younger male Tops that there are women who desperately want to be spanked. However - if you have the good fortune to encounter such a woman, female psychology makes it virtually impossible for her to actually ask to be spanked the way Poteet did. In practice, you are more likely to discover her desire from her reactions to what you say to her rather than from anything she will say herself.

poteet asks steve canyon to spank her

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