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Steve Canyon #4 - Poteet Spanked Off-Camera

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In the previous example from Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon, Steve's ward Poteet asked him to spank her. This time, she doesn't have to ask! It's not entirely clear what she did, but whatever it was, it was serious enough for Steve to roll up his sleeves - CUT! After the scene change, Steve explains to a WAC sergeant that they'll be ready for their road trip as soon as Poteet "comes back with an air cushion to sit on". The sergeant's expression seems to say, "Does that really mean what I think it does?" That moment and the one in which Steve rolls up his sleeve (uh-oh!) are the high points of this episode, the exact date of which is unknown but believed to be during the 1960's.

This one can't be put into the Comics Spanking Data Base because the spanking itself takes place off-camera. It's a very fine scene nonetheless, and we are indebted to Tiptopper for providing us with this high-quality scan. We really had no idea where to find this episode, although we knew it existed based on Tanner's recollection on the Forum in the "Weekly Updates" topic.

steve canyon spanks poteet off-camera

From the collection of Tiptopper. © Field Enterprises Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/23/2011. (click to enlarge)

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