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Evad Gives Queen Arda A Royal Spanking

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Superman watches as Queen Arda is spanked by her suitor The strip shown here was credited as written and drawn by Superman's creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, although Shuster certainly had a lot of help with the art. The date was 04/21/1946. © DC Comics Inc.
Superman watches as Queen Arda is spanked by her suitor Queen Arda finds Evad more attractive after he spanks her Superman had to be a little careful about administering a super-spanking, but that didn't stop him from advising Evad to take a firm hand to his lover, Queen Arda. What we like best about this scene is that both Evad and Arda are completely at ease with Evad taking on the dominant role and Arda the submissive one (although Arda protests at first). There is good reason to believe their relationship will be better for each of them assuming these natural roles, where the male is dominant and the female (even if she's a queen), submissive. © DC Comics Inc.

02/04/2011 Update:   Here are some new scans from this strip. First, we have a little of the set-up, where Arda's scheme to trick Superman into marrying her has been foiled and he tells her, "It'd be fair if you were to get the spanking you deserve!"

Her response is the classic unavailing line: "You - you wouldn't dare!" Wanna bet, sweetheart?

Superman escapes being tricked into marrying Queen Arda Superman tells Queen Arda she should be spanked

Superman says it would be better if Evad gives the spanking, which he does. Here is a nice, big scan of the all-important spanking panel. Good OTK positioning, although Arda seems to be floating a little above Evad's lap and we wish he had flipped her dress out of the way.

Evad spanks Queen Arda!

Evad spanks Queen Arda!

The post-spanking panel. As we mentioned above, the best thing here is Evad becoming dominant and Arda submissive, the natural sex roles that are frowned upon by feminists and delight us spanking aficionados!

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