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Superman Spanks Lily Field

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superman spanks lily field

© DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/12/2011.

We come now to what we believe to be the second spanking chronologically (the third known overall) from the Superman Sunday newspaper strip. This one appeared on October 24, 1943 and is so far unique among the Sunday strips in having Superman himself give the spanking (he did so in all three of the daily strip spankings!). This is a fine scene in many ways: decent OTK positioning, presence of witnesses, a super-spanker who openly admits "the pleasure is mine," and a spankee who genuinely deserves the hard whacks and public humiliation she's getting! It is also the only color panel, from strip or book, in which Superman himself gives a spanking to an adult female.

This scene takes place in a WAC (Women's Army Corps) barracks, which explains why Superman is seated on an army cot. The spankee is Lily Field (was writer Jerry Siegel unconsciously thinking of the phrase "Lilies of the Field"?). Lily had written letters to two lovers, Bob Martin and Mary Starr, telling each that the other had found someone new. Superman, trying to keep up servicemembers' morale in time of war, intercedes since Bob and Mary are both in uniform. The witnesses are Mary Starr, who gets to see justice done to the woman who has caused her so much grief, and Lois Lane, who so approves of the Man of Steel's course of action that she openly wishes she had a camera to record the spanking!

Here is the complete strip. It was taken from a digital photograph that appeared at an auction. Some readers may have seen another version that's been around the web for several years, but its resolution is much lower than this. Once again, we believe we see Wayne Boring's hand in the pencilling, with Superman co-creator Joe Schuster inking at least some of the faces (for example, Superman's in panel 2). Someone else, probably Stan Kaye, must have done the majority of the inking.

Note that the "pain stars" are still there in the first post-spanking panel, and the placement of Lily's hands indicates she's still rubbing in the third. She must really have felt this spanking - excellent!

superman spanks lily field

From Sunday, October 24, 1943 (click to increase in size).   © DC Comics Inc.

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