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superman spanks unknown brat

  © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/05/2011.

We come now to what we believe is the third spanking from the Superman daily newspaper strips. Unfortunately, despite searching all the strips we could find (we have all of them from 1939 to 1942), we could not find the exact date this episode appeared. We think the daily strip ran until 1966, so there are a lot of years unaccounted for and the possibility that more undiscovered spanking panels are still out there, and we'll keep looking for them.

Wayne Boring's hand seems to us to still be evident in the art, but it's hard to tell from this reproduction (the source is unknown), and almost certainly someone else did the inking. The "OTK" position is good as far as the spankee goes - she's well bent-over with her bottom nicely turned up - but it's a good thing this spanker has super-strength or he'd have trouble pulling this off in a near-standing position the way he's doing. It does seem that Supes is making sure she feels the spanks, judging from her expression and cries of "Ow! Ouch!"

We'll keep trying to find out more about this one, and will update this page when we do.

superman spanks olivia hill

  Scan by SPK Comics. © DC Comics Inc.

07/14/2017 update: the efforts of Sweetspot and Andre, working independently, once again allow us to update a spanking about which we had very little information. Before getting into the surrounding story, let's just take a closer look at the spanking itself.

Everything is much darker in the new scan, allowing many more details to be picked up. Probably the most interesting of these are the expressions on the face of the cop and the female onlooker, and the faint beginning of a line delineating the spankee's buttocks just below her tailbone. Only one pain star, but it's obvious from her expression, as we mentioned back in 2011, that she's certainly feeling the spanking!

The year is 1947, and what is most interesting is the emphasis on the humiliation of getting spanked - planned in advance by Superman, and commented upon by both him and his spankee. Sweetspot's scans, by a stroke of luck, also reveal the long-questioned date a different spanking occurred as we shall see.

Here is Sweetspot's narration of the events surrounding this particular search:

"One thing led to another but eventually I ended up pondering Dan's questions about the Superman/L. Danvers spanking from a few years back. I noticed that even now Superman #3 remained undated on both the main site and in the data base. In Amarillo, TX anyway the comic appeared on November 23, 1947. This fell on a Sunday. There's a good possibility that this particular strip appeared in other newspapers earlier or a day later for that matter. Anyway, note that the woman takes a dive off a building and receives a spanking for her effort. As we recently discovered when Lois Lane did the same thing she was merely threatened. [See it here under "Missed Opportunities" - Web-Ed]. A Superman spanking has always been problematical for me since it would require a great deal of restraint and preciseness of effort on the part of the man of steel. But I guess he had a lot of practice dialing down the power."

We meet our spankee-to-be, Olivia Hill, at the offices of the Daily Planet. We infer that there is some sort of Planet-sponsored charity in which both Olivia, dubbed "The Perfect Woman" (cf. "Queen Pera the Perfect" in The Phantom Spanks Queen Pera) from a year and a half earlier), and Superman are involved. Her interest in Superman is already apparent, and Lois Lane is fuming!

superman newspaper strip from 11/09/1947

Superman 11/09/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc.

Superman decides it is necessary to humiliate Olivia, but doesn't mention spanking yet. Sweetspot adds:

"Well what do you know in the strip immediately below Superman [11/17/47] looks like Countess Desiree is still stewing over the spanking Mandrake gave her! It was good times for comic strip loving spankos in 11/47! Again on 11/28 We have a twofer - I'll have to look into the Mandrake story a little further some day."

[And indeed we can now pinpoint the exact date of Mandrake Spanking #1 as November 21, 1947 - Web-Ed].

superman newspaper strip from 11/17/1947

Superman 11/17/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc.

Olivia prepares to go through with her threat to jump from the roof if Superman does not agree to marry her before 9:00 P.M.

superman newspaper strip from 11/18/1947

Superman 11/18/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc.

superman newspaper strip from 11/19/1947

Superman 11/19/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc.

superman newspaper strip from 11/20/1947

Superman 11/20/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc.

It's spanking time! And to make it better, when Olivia realizes what Supes is going to do to her, she pleads, "No, Superman, don't - not in public!" which is an implicit admission that a public spanking is more humiliating than a private one - superb!

superman newspaper strip from 11/23/1947

Superman 11/23/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc.

Just to make sure everyone gets the point that spanking is humiliating, Siegel writes in the first caption: "After a humiliating public spanking ..." And Olivia is now more attracted to the Man of Steel than ever, an interesting bit of sexual psychology which is absolutely on the money (and again, compare this to Queen Pera's reaction to being spanked by Jorge).

superman newspaper strip from 11/24/1947

Superman 11/24/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc.

superman newspaper strip from 11/28/1947

Superman 11/28/1947. Scan by Sweetspot. © DC Comics Inc. Note that Countess Desirée over in Mandrake appears not to have learned her lesson - time for another spanking, we'd say!

In context, this spanking looks better than ever. The emphasis on its humiliating aspect is particularly satisfying, since as we have pointed out elsewhere the essence of spanking is the special kind of humiliation endured by the spankee. It also once again raises the question of whether Jerry Siegel could have been a spanko: he scripted 6 M/F spankings in Superman and another one in More Fun Comics #11, and we must consider the possibility that he would have done more in his later years with DC (he returned to freelance with them in 1959) if only the editor of the "Superman Family" titles had been someone other than Mort Weisinger, who as we have documented was against adult spanking. Was Siegel into spanking? Or was he merely following in the footsteps of Lee Falk, who also did 7 M/F spankings between The Phantom and Mandrake?

One thing's for sure - these two men between them have provided us with 14 very fine M/F spankings (and there may be more awaiting discovery)!

Finally, here is Andre's composite scan of the episode. CSR readers have already seen this as it was provided by CSR Resident Artist Hugob00m, but we include it here for completeness.

superman newspaper strip from november 1947

Scan by Andre. © DC Comics Inc.

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