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Justice Was Only A Second Away

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Superboy's girl friend Lana Lang was always a bit of a pest, trying to prove he was secretly Clark Kent. In this scene from Superboy #93 (December 1961), Lana tells her father about her latest plan to uncover Superboy's secret identity. Professor Lang points out that were she successful, innocent people could be hurt. Lana responds:
Professor Lang turns Lana over his knee

Artwork thought to be by George Papp. © DC Comics Inc.

To the great frustration of readers (at least those who feel the way we do), Professor Lang grants Lana a last minute reprieve on the grounds that "I can't spank you. You're too old for that." Au contraire, mon pere! Bad girls are never, never too old for a spanking! Because Lana never got spanked in later issues, a priceless opportunity was squandered here. (Note: Professor Lang did spank Lana once when she was a little girl, but because of CSR's policy of not showing children getting spanked we have never posted it).

Because of the honest-to-goodness OTK positioning (with hairbrush raised!), we've counted this as an "official" spanking in Comics Spanking Data Base even though technically the hairbrush isn't really applied where Lana needed it.

So why didn't Lana get spanked? We didn't know it when we first posted this scene, but "Superman Family" editor Mort Weisinger had some silly idea that only children should be spanked as we've documented in The Lois Lane Spanking Letters. That's why Lois was only spanked once, by a Superman robot, while only a Supergirl robot and not Supergirl herself (who badly needed some firm parental discipline) gets spanked (by Lois!). We also now know that even had Weisinger held the more enlightened view that children should not be spanked but adult women should, he still would have had trouble getting a spanking past the Comics Code Authority between 1956 and 1965 (see the article The Effects of the Comics Code on Spanking in Comics Part 3).

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