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Military Spanking in Terry and the Pirates

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This seems to be our week for spankings given by sergeants, what with Sgt. Boyle and now this one from Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates. We've mentioned Caniff before with reference to his other great strip Steve Canyon. The successful Terry came earlier, and Caniff only gave it up because he didn't own it (the Chicago Tribune Syndicate held all the rights) - another case of inequitable agreements in the comics industry, but with a happy ending because Steve Canyon became a big success for Caniff also.

We don't know the details of this storyline, but it obviously takes place after Terry had joined the Air Corp in World War II. A female sergeant finds it necessary to spank a female private in private, but it's within earshot so everyone knows what's going on. There's some nice rubbing afterward, so overall this is a very satisfying F/F scene.

Terry remained in the Air Force after the War, and while we don't have the exact year of this episode because the copyright date is illegible, the appearance of George Wunder's signature in place of Caniff's indicates it first appeared after Caniff had left in 1946 and Wunder had taken over.

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