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Spank That Cobweb

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Tomorrow Stories comic book cover with pretty Cobweb being spanked by natty Greyshirt

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Our friend Helena sent this one to us. The great tradition of spanking in comics continues into the new millenium: in an apparent homage to the Spirit (see two Spirit spankings elsewhere in the comics), Rick Veitch produced this delectable cover for the April 2002 issue of Tomorrow Stories. The spanking is unfortunately not replicated inside the book, so we don't know exactly what's going on, but we may speculate that the impish Cobweb has mischievously grabbed the well-tailored Greyshirt's hat and cane. Cute and provocative, the young lady swiftly gets what she deserves. We love the satisfied expression on Cobweb's face and only wish Greyshirt had flipped that short skirt of hers up out of the way so we could see the spanks getting applied directly to the seat of her (no doubt) adorable purple panties.

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